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FredBot creates shorthand templates so (human) editors can easily create links to our ship articles without having to remember the ship's year of launch, type any special characters, properly employ italics, etc.

The Basic Idea

Each such has the form of XX-ShipName, where XX is a two-letter country code (UK, AU, FR, DE, AH, JP, etc). It produces a link to the ship of the given name.

Ships of same Nation with the same Name

If there is more than one such ship, the last one of them launched prior to 1 January, 1926 is referenced, and others may be obtained by additional templates that add prefixes 1, 2, 3, etc, counting backward in time. e.g., H.M.S. Dreadnought (1906) is to be referenced by {{UK-Dreadnought}}, as it is the last ship by that name launched prior to 1926. The old ship H.M.S. Dreadnought (1875) should be referenced by a template named {{UK-1Dreadnought}}, as it is the next-previously launched ship by that name.

The charm to this convention is that one seldom has to think about ships with the same names when working with the World War I period ships. Only when you know there was a later ship of the same name do you have to ask, "How many later ones were there?" The answer to that question is the digit you place in the prefix.

Parameters to include Type and/or Prefix

A parameter named "f" can be set to "p", "t", "c", "pt" or "pc" to cause the name to be embellished with any national prefix (e.g., "H.M.S.") or the ship type, e.g., "armoured cruiser" or ship class, e.g., "London Class heavy cruiser", complete with a link to the page for the ship class. It's pretty neat!

For instance, using Devonshire as an example,

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