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Commander Carlyon Wilfroy Bellairs, Royal Navy, Retired (15 March, 1871 – 22 August, 1955) was an officer of the Royal Navy who retired from that service in 1902, became a Member of Parliament, and was a vociferous critic of the Navy in the House of Commons and in print.

Early Life & Career

He was confirmed in the rank of Sub-Lieutenant dated 15 March, 1890.[1]

Bellairs was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, dated 15 March, 1891.[2]

In the 27 July, 1901, issue of the Navy & Army Illustrated, Bellairs claimed:

For six years past the historical school of the Navy has been endeavouring to obtain some measure of recognition for the claims of history and strategy, as offering the best field for discussion in the educational course of Naval officers. So far, we have failed in our efforts, except for a beggarly £5 a lecture granted for a dozen lectures to the senior class at Greenwich, and a sort of half-hearted attempt on the same class to work out strategical problems. What we want is steady pressure to induce the Government to establish a War College on at least as large a scale as the Naval War College at Newport, U.S.A.[3]

Bellairs was allowed to assume the rank of Commander on the Retired List on 15 March, 1911.[4]


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