Arthur Thomas Muir

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Commander (retired) Arthur Thomas Muir, R.N. (15 May, 1881 – ) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Yokohama, Japan, Muir gained twelve months' time on passing out of Britannia.

Muir was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 1 October, 1902.

Muir was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 1 October, 1910.

On 11 November 1914Muir distinguished himself by remaining on the bridge of the torpedoed H.M.S. Niger off Deal despite his injuries.[1]

Muir was appointed in command of the destroyer Brazen on 7 November, 1918.[2]


Muir was placed on the Retired List at his own request with the rank of Commander on 24 July, 1923.

World War II

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