Arthur Lindesay Cay

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Captain Arthur Lindesay Cay, Royal Navy (31 January, 1869 – 31 May, 1916) was an officer of the Royal Navy during the First World War. In command of H.M.S. Invincible at the Battle of Jutland, he was killed when his ship sank.

Life & Career

Cay entered the Navy as a cadet in 1882. He took four Firsts in his Lieutenancy exams.

As Commander Cay joined H.M.S. King Edward VII to commission her at Portsmouth, and left on 4 March, 1907. He was promoted to the rank of Captain on 30 June, 1907.

On 11 April, 1911 Cay was appointed to Impregnable as Flag Captain to Sir William May, Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth and was superseded on 30 March, 1913. On 19 April he was appointed to command the armoured cruiser Achilles in the Second Cruiser Squadron.




Service Record