"F" Class Submarine (1915)

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The three "F" Class Submarines, were coastal submarines built to Admiralty design, intended to be evaluated against the "S", "V" and "W" class submarines.

Three additional boats, F 4 to F 6, were projected but cancelled upon outbreak of war.

Overview of 3 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
F 1 Chatham Royal Dockyard Jan, 1913 31 Mar, 1915 Aug, 1915 Broken up 1920
F 2 J. Samuel White 7 Jul, 1917 Aug, 1917 Sold Jul, 1922
F 3 John I. Thornycroft & Company 19 Feb, 1916 Jul, 1916 Broken up 1920


  • three 18-in tubes (two forward, one aft), six torpedoes

In 1913 and 1914, it was planned that eleven 18-in Mark VIII torpedos were to be appropriated for each boat.[1][2]


  • one 2-pdr

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"F" Class Submarine
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