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Commander (emergency) William Herbert Sandford, R.N. (10 March, 1887 – ) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Kildarton, Armagh. Sandford entered the navy direct from Worcester in September, 1903.

Sandford was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 March, 1908.

Sandford resigned his commission on 23 September, 1911 following discovery of debts he'd accrued in T.B. 067 and Prince of Wales, and it was decreed that he was not to be placed on the Emergency List. Sandford later attempted, unsuccessfully, to cancel his resignation. He was eventually placed on the Emergency List on 19 August, 1914, presumably as a push to help the Navy reach staffing demands.

Sandford was admitted to Plymouth Hospital to be treated for gonorrhea on 1 February, 1915. He emerged fit on 17 May. He spent most of 1915 in Devonport at the barracks and submitted a design for a Mechanical Adjuster of Time Fuses. The Admiralty thanked him for his zeal and ingenuity and took out a secret patent on the idea before year's end.

Sandford was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 15 March, 1916.

Sandford was appointed in command of the destroyer Mansfield on 8 July, 1917.[1]

Sandford was promoted to the rank of Commander on 11 November, 1918.

Sandford was in bankruptcy in 1920.

The Navy had some difficulty locating him in the inter-war period, but again got in touch. He was informed in 1939 that his services could not be used at present.

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