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Captain William Henry Eyre, R.N., Retired (2 May, 1860 – 21 September, 1934) served in the Royal Navy.

He is not the same man as William Henry Edye, a Royal Navy admiral who was born in 1830.

Life & Career

Eyre was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 30 June, 1884.

Eyre commanded the destroyer Wanderer during the Jubilee Naval Review at Spithead in summer of 1897, and possibly in the Annual Manoeuvres of 1897. He was still in her command in June 1898 when he was tried and acquitted by Court Martial for insubordinate behaviour toward a superior officer and willful disobedience. The Admiralty did not entirely agree with the verdict and removed him from the ship and placed him in command of the torpedo gunboat Renard.

Eyre was placed on the Retired List with the rank of Commander on 27 March, 1905.

Eyre took a few courses in torpedo and gunnery in 1907, and studied boom defence in 1913. When the Great War broke out, he was sent to Pembroke for boom defence. He suffered some bronchitis in late 1915, but served through the war, reverting to the Retired List on 31 March, 1919. He was promoted to the rank of Captain on 11 November, 1918 for war services.

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