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William Beazley Fuller (12 February, 1868 – 26 June, 1946) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Fuller was promoted to the rank of Gunner on 1 January, 1896.

Fuller was promoted to the rank of Chief Gunner on 1 April, 1912.

Fuller was lent to Lusitania in August, 1914, but this ended on the 15th, as plans to outfit her as an Armed Merchant Cruiser apparently were rethought.

Fuller was appointed in command of the destroyer Boxer on 11 November, 1914.[1]

Fuller was appointed to the seaplane carrier Engadine on 13 April, 1915. Though he was appointed to Excellent for charge of ordnance stores on 16 May, he may have remained shortly with Engadine, as he was awarded the Medal of the Russian Order of St. Anna for his services in the Battle of Jutland, gazetted 1 October, 1917.

Fuller was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 18 April, 1918.

Retired due to age on 12 August, 1922.

Fuller was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 18 April, 1926.

See Also

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
George E. Casley
Captain of H.M.S. Boxer
11 Nov, 1914[2] – 13 Apr, 1915
Succeeded by
Robert G. Cross


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