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Commander Wilfrid George Holt Cree, R.N., Retired (29 February, 1884 – 1 August, 1926) was an officer in the Royal Navy with a bad set of lungs.

Life & Career

Born in Brixton.

Cree was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 1 April, 1906.

Cree was placed on the Retired List as medically unfit with pleurisy and tubercle of the lunk on 11 July, 1912.

Cree was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 1 April, 1914.

Cree was appointed in command of the destroyer Angler on 16 August, 1914.[1] He was superseded on 14 March 1915 and on the 17th received an appointment to work as Assistant Inspector of Steel. He woudl be there through the end of the war.


Cree was promoted to the rank of Commander on 29 February, 1924.

According to his brother and his death certificate, Cree died of pulmonary tuberculosis at 5.am on 1 August, 1926. The Times reported the date as 31 July.

See Also

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4 Nov, 1907[2] – 21 Feb, 1910
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16 Aug, 1914[3] – 14 Mar, 1915
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