Wickes Class Destroyer (1917)

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One hundred and eleven Wickes class destroyers were completed for the U.S. Navy, the first being delivered in 1918 and most of the balance being commissioned in 1919. They were a more powerful version of the preceding Caldwell class, capable of 35 knots.

They proved wet boats and lacked range for convenient, sustained operations. This would be alleviated in changes made in the subsequent Clemson class, though none of those would be completed before the war's end.

Design & Construction



4-in Guns

  • one 4-in/50cal gun forward
  • two 4-in/50cal guns, on platform athwart second and third funnels
  • one 4-in/50cal gun right aft or on deckhouse aft

3-in Gun

Some units:

  • one 3-in.23cal A.A. gun, on aft deckhouse or right aft


  • two 1-pdr A.A. guns, one sometimes forward behind the foremost 4-in gun


  • four triple 21-in torpedo tubes, two on each broadside, aft

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Wickes Class Destroyer
Wickes Philip Woolsey Evans Little
Kimberly Sigourney Gregory Stringham Dyer
Colhoun Stevens McKee Robinson Ringgold
McKean Harding Gridley Fairfax Taylor
Bell Stribling Murray Israel Luce
Maury Lansdale Mahan Schley Champlin
Mugford Chew Hazelwood Williams Crane
Hart Ingraham Ludlow Rathburne Talbot
Waters Dent Dorsey Lea Lamberton
Radford Montgomery Breese Gamble Ramsay
Tattnall Badger Twiggs Babbitt De Long
Jacob Jones Buchanan Aaron Ward Hale Crowninshield
Tillman Boggs Kilty Kennison Ward
Claxton Hamilton Tarbell Yarnall Upshur
Greer Elliot Roper Breckinridge Barney
Blakely Biddle Du Pont Bernadou Ellis
Cole J. Fred Talbott Dickerson Leary Schenck
Herbert Palmer Thatcher Walker Crosby
Meredith Bush Cowell Maddox Foote
Kalk Burns Anthony Sproston Rizal
Mackenzie Renshaw O'Bannon Hogan Howard
  Stansbury Hopewell Thomas  
  Haraden Abbot Bagley  
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