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Captain (retired) Walter Cecil Tancred, C.B.E. (11 February, 1885 – ) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Tancred was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 31 December, 1906.

At the outbreak of war, Tancred was serving as the navigating officer in Royal Arthur. In December 1914, he moved to the armed merchant cruiser Patia.

Tancred was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 31 December, 1914.

In mid-March 1915, he was appointed to Indomitable, but the next month to Berwick, where he would remain until November. Before the war was out, he also navigated for Vengeance, Albemarle, Dominion and Erin.

Tancred was promoted to the rank of Commander on 30 June, 1919.

Tancred was promoted to the rank of Captain on 11 February, 1931.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
George Wilson
Captain of H.M.S. Crocus
15 Jul, 1925[1] – 14 Jun, 1927
Succeeded by
John G. Bower
Preceded by
Cuthbert D. Longstaff
Captain Attendent and King's Harbour Master, Gibraltar
1927[2] – 11 Nov, 1929
Succeeded by
Thomas M. Brounger


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