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Lieutenant-Commander Valentine David English, R.N. (6 April, 1878 – ) served in the Royal Navy during the Great War. His career was effectively ended by a wartime security indiscretion.

Life & Career

Born in Wisbeach.

English was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 31 December, 1900.

English was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 31 December, 1908.

On 1 October, 1914, English was appointed to Macedonia. On 8 June, 1915 he was ordered home to face charges that he had

On 18 November 1915, English was found guilty at a Court Martial held at the Nore of having issued a recommendation for an American subject which permitted the man to enter service H.M. Forces when in fact English had no knowledge of the man being recommended. There was allusion made that the man was in fact a spy. English was sentenced to be dismissed the service, but the Board reduced this to "severe displeasure" and that he be dismissed his ship, which was then Pembroke. He was to be permitted future employment "only when absolutely necessary & then not in a position of importance." On 30 January, 1916, a meek step back into service appeared in the form of an appointment to Diadem, additional. English had two similar appointments through the end of the war.


Having been recently evaluated by Captain Hughes as "not strictly temperate & this impairs his efficiency as an officer", English retired at his own request on 24 September, 1919.

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