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Items which I have in full are shaded green; items which I have part of are in yellow; material which I want and intend to get is in pink. This list is very incomplete in all regards. — SIMON HARLEY, Co-editor.

The National Archives

Reference Title Description Date
ADM 1/5543 Admiralty. Docket: Precis of the Division & General Mode of Conducting the Business of the Admiralty at Whitehall. 1844
ADM 1/5686 Admiralty. Docket: Illustrious. Regulations. Establishments. 1857
ADM 1/7600 Admiralty. Dockets: Scott and Hughes-Onslow; Constitution of Home Fleet and Home Squadron. 1902
ADM 1/7606 Admiralty. Docket: Coast Guard. Home Fleet, Constitution of. 1902.
ADM 1/7377 Admiralty. Docket: Tactics of New Armoured Cruisers as Affecting their Design. 1898
ADM 1/7461B Study of Naval Tactics. Courtesy of Mr. Steve McLaughlin. 1900
ADM 1/7464C Admiralty. Docket: 1900. List of Committees Sitting Between 1st January & 31st December.
Docket: Mediterranean Destroyer Proposals.
Docket: Instructions for Mobilising for War.
Docket: Royal Naval College Greenwich. Regulations, revised, reprinted & distributed.
ADM 1/7465B Admiralty. Docket: Proposed Alteration of Drafting Committee.
Docket: Committee of Defence. Composition, Responsibilities of Members, Procedure, &c. Ministerial Views. 1895. Memo. by First Lord. 1900.
Docket: Revision of 'Instructions for Fleet Manœuvres' &c. &c.
Docket: Naval Tactics. Views of H.I.M. the German Emperor.
Docket: Montague Browning borne on books of President; while serving as Joint Secretary of Boiler Committee.
Docket: Fighting Instructions in force between 1665 & 1816.
Docket: Study of Naval Tactics. Supply of Captain King-Hall's Naval War Game to the Fleet.
Docket: United States. Duties of Naval Strategic Board.
Docket: Naval Tactics.
ADM 1/7895 Admiralty. Portsmouth Barracks Disturbances. 1906
ADM 1/8047 "Proposals by Director of Naval Intelligence for carrying out the duties of a General Staff and Re-organisation of the Naval Intelligence Department." 15 May, 1909
ADM 1/8051 Admiralty. Dockets: Fleet Tactics; Invention of 15' Foot Range Finder. 1909
ADM 1/8268 Combined Cruise of Second Division Home Fleet and Atlantic Fleet, January 1912. Courtesy of Mr. Stephen McLaughlin.
ADM 1/8271 1912
ADM 1/8272 1912
ADM 1/8328 Gunnery in the Royal Navy: Conference at the Admiralty. Courtesy of Mr. Stephen McLaughlin. 1911-1912
ADM 1/8346 Firings to be Carried Out at "Empress of India". 1913
ADM 1/8368/40 Australian Request for Services of a Rear-Admiral as 1st Naval Member of Navy Board 1914
ADM 1/8370/65 Retirement & Promotion of Officers on Lists of Flag Officers, Captains, & Commanders. 1914
ADM 1/8377/118 War Staff Training of Naval Officers. 1914
ADM 1/8377/120 The Naval War Staff. 1911-1914
ADM 1/8383/176 Retirement of Officers on Promotion to Flag Rank under Section III of the O. in C. dated 9th March, 1914. 1914-
ADM 1/8383/179 Battle and Cruiser Squadrons - Programme. Courtesy of Mr. Stephen McLaughlin. 1914
ADM 1/8384/184 C-in-C Appointments. Mediterranean and Nore 1914
ADM 1/8384/191 Proposed Qualifications for Promotion to Admiral of the Fleet 1914
ADM 1/8388/227 Report on the Principle Cruiser Work Carried Out by the Home Fleets During 1913 1913-1914
ADM 1/8396/356 Court of Enquiry on Aboukir, Cressy, and Hogue. 1914
ADM 1/8463/176 Cause of Explosion in British Warships, When Hit by Enemy Shell. 1916
ADM 1/8477/308 Action of 31st May - 1 June, 1916, Reports from Flag and Commanding Officers who took part, Battle-cruisers, Cruisers, and Light Cruisers. Cordite bitching. 1916
ADM 1/8478/3 Institution of Director of Torpedoes and Mining. 1917
ADM 1/8479/22 Papers relating to punishments during war-time. Flogging!! 1917
ADM 1/8484/61 Controllers Department. Provisional Reorganisation 1917. 1917
ADM 1/8487/94 Torpedo and Mining Service Organisation. 1917
ADM 1/8488/103 Appointment of Escort Flag Officers. Provision of Escort ships and Breech loading guns for special Merchant vessels. 1917
ADM 1/8488/104 Shipbuilding for the Admiralty and War Office. Organisation of Controllers Department. 1917
ADM 1/8489/118 Planning Section of Naval Staff. Proposals by First Lord and First Sea Lord June 1917. 1917
ADM 1/8501/232 Admiralty Orders. Order-in-Council of 23 October, 1917. 1917
ADM 1/8512/29 Collision of HM Subs. K1 and K4. Court of Enquiry and Court Martial on survivors of K1 and officers and men of K4. 1918
ADM 1/8513/36 Acting Flag Rank. 1918
ADM 1/8517/69 Admiralty. Table of Distribution of Business. March 1918. 1918
ADM 1/8520/101 Minesweeping Division Organisation. Duties of staff. 1918
ADM 1/8536/235 Naval Staff Organisation 1918
ADM 1/8543/297 Non Military Branches Titles & Uniform. 1918
ADM 1/8547/340 Warship construction during 1914-1918 war. Records compiled by DNC Dept. Part of Volume I. 1918
ADM 1/8554/84 Admiralty Controller. Scope and General Authority. 1918
ADM 1/8559/150 Third Sea Lord and Controller duties. Instructions for Departments under Controller's Superintendence 1919. 1918
ADM 1/8724/93 The Evolution of the Cruiser. Monograph written by Commander King-Hall. 1928
ADM 1/9209 Battle Cruisers: Design. 1916
ADM 1/9210 "Hood" Class: Armour and Deck protection. 1917
ADM 1/13487 Naval Air Power: Present Position and Future Policy Copied for someone who asked nicely! 1942
ADM 6/447 Private Office register of applicants for nominations as Naval Cadets. 1869 - 1871
ADM 6/461 Squadrons and Senior Naval Officers in Existence on 11th November, 1918, and Which Have Now Ceased to Exist.
ADM 6/469 Cadets Passing Out of Britannia 1877-1883
ADM 7/936 Reports of Director of Naval Education
ADM 116/172 Outbreak of Scurvy in Arctic Expedition. 1877
ADM 116/446 Cressy Class.
ADM 116/862 Report of the Committee Appointed to Consider the Organisation and Training of the Royal Naval War College and its Relation to the Naval War Staff.
ADM 116/878 Construction of Warships, 1893 - 1899
ADM 116/881 Executive Lists Various Committees
ADM 116/900B War Orders, 1899-1907.
ADM 116/1464 Defensively Armed Merchant Ships. NOT related to cordite handling at Jutland.
ADM 116/1484 Jutland Battle Volume 3 Reports from Battle Cruisers &c. Copy of the lost docket on cordite handling.
ADM 116/1538 H.M.S. Natal - loss by internal explosion.
ADM 116/1585A Naval War Staff 1917-1918
ADM 116/1803 Re-organisation of Naval Staff Divisions. D.N.O., D.N.A. & T. 1917-1921
ADM 116/2348 Protection of Magazines, Venting 1916-1927
ADM 116/3090 Navy War Council Minutes
ADM 116/3092 Naval Necessities I.
ADM 116/3106 Beresford contretemps
ADM 116/3381 Manoeuvres for 1912 and 1913.
ADM 116/3392 Distribution of Admiralty Business Among Members of the Board and Secretaries. 1885-1923
ADM 116/3454 Papers of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher. 1914-1917
ADM 116/3381 First Lord of the Admiralty. Papers relating to 1913 Naval Manœuvres.
ADM 137/47 Loss of Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue, Court of Inquiry
ADM 137/260 Home Fleets General Orders, July 1914. 1914
ADM 137/266 Grand Fleet Signal Orders.
ADM 137/293 Grand Fleet Gunnery and Torpedo Orders. 1915-1918
ADM 137/304 Falklands. Who knows?
ADM 137/385 Baralong Incident
ADM 137/818 War Plans and War Orders, Home Fleets and Detached Squadrons. 1913-1914
ADM 137/1062 Southwest Approaches. Related to the Lusitania sinking. 1915
ADM 137/1165 Grand Fleet. Jan.-June, 1916. Much of interest according to Black.
ADM 137/1322 Convoy.
ADM 137/1645 Conferences concerning Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet 1916
ADM 137/1939 Paper No. H.S.A. 141 Conferences between the Commander-in-Chief and members of the Admiralty Staff; Invasion Conference. 1914-1919
ADM 137/1946 Need ff. 128-552.
ADM 137/2018 Grand Fleet Orders and Memoranda 1914
ADM 137/2019 Grand Fleet Orders and Memoranda Jan.-June, 1915
ADM 137/2020 Grand Fleet Orders and Memoranda I have f. 1, ff. 48-69, ff. 87-90, ff. 120-126, ff. 203-204, ff. 208-210, ff. 218-224, f. 233 (illegible), ff. 279-282, ff. 302-309, f. 316, f. 327, f. 329-330, ff. 337-338, ff. 366-371, ff. 375-377, ff., 384-385, ff. 400-407, f. 421, ff. 431-434, ff. 442-444, ff. 467-469, f. 477, ff. 486-487, ff. 489-497, ff. 499-500, f. 502, ff. 505-506, ff. 556-562, ff. 574-579. July-Dec., 1915
ADM 137/2021 Grand Fleet Orders and Memoranda Jan.-June, 1916
ADM 137/2027 Committees Formed to Consider Experience at Jutland. Part I. Copied up to f. 285.
ADM 137/2134 Committee on Construction of Battle Cruisers. Related to cordite handling.
ADM 137/2771. Convoy.
ADM 137/3680 Loss of H.M.S. Vanguard.
ADM 137/3681 Loss of H.M.S. Vanguard.
ADM 137/4052 Grand Fleet Orders. Copied to p. 236.
ADM 137/4067 Actions and Operations. Intercepted German signals during the war.
ADM 137/4156 Signalbuch der Kaiserlichen Marine.
ADM 137/4374 Verkehrsbuch.
ADM 137/4375 Verkehrsbuch.
ADM 137/4822 Extract of Gunnery Practices in Grand Fleet, 1914—1918.
ADM 144/16 Channel Fleet.
ADM 144/17 Home and Channel Fleets.
ADM 156/71 Insubordination in Atlantic Fleet at Invergordon. Reports on various officers.
ADM 156/86 Collisions involving HM Ships INFLEXIBLE and FEARLESS, HM Submarines K14, K22, K17, K4 and K6. Cdr. E W Leir D.S.O., R.N. HMS ITHURIEL commanding 13th submarine Flotilla: loss of HM Submarine K17. Battle of May Island. 1918
ADM 156/162 Loss of H.M.S. Natal - Proceedings of Court Martial.
ADM 167/51 Minutes of the Board of Admiralty. January - June, 1917
ADM 167/52 Memoranda for the Board of Admiralty. January - June, 1917
ADM 167/54 Memoranda for the Board of Admiralty 1917 - 1918
ADM 178/13 Board Minutes on the Loss of HM ships ABOUKIR, CRESSY AND HOGUE. 1914
ADM 178/33 Request by Vice-Admiral Sir Lewis Bayly for Court Martial. 1915
ADM 178/45 Retired Rear-Admiral Murray F. Sueter: History of Naval Career and Grievances.
ADM 178/123 Loss of H.M.S. Natal - Court Martial
ADM 178/129 Invergordon Reports. The stitching up of Admiral Dreyer.
ADM 182/2 Admiralty Weekly Orders Battle Cruiser nomenclature. 1911
ADM 182/4 Admiralty Weekly Orders 1913
ADM 182/5 Admiralty Weekly Orders 1914
ADM 186/4 Cruiser Manual. Part I. 1911
ADM 186/5 Cruiser Manual. Part II. 1911
ADM 186/139 Remarks on Handling Ships &c. 1904
ADM 186/164 List of H.M. Ships Showing their Armament, April, 1915.
ADM 186/166 Projectile Committee: Final Report of the President. 1917
ADM 186/167 Shell Committee: Interim Report. 1917
ADM 186/168 Shell Committee: Second Interim Report. 1918
ADM 186/169 Shell Committee: Reports, 1917 and 1918. 1918
ADM 186/171 Manual of Gunnery for H.M. Fleet. C.B. 1619. 1922
ADM 186/190 Hydraulic Manual. 13.5-inch B.L. Mountings Mark II.
ADM 186/192 Addenda to the Hydraulic Manual. 13.5-inch B.L. Mountings Mark II,** 1914
ADM 186/227 The Director Firing Handbook. C.B. 1259. 1917
ADM 186/229 Vengeance Flash Trials, 1917 and 1918. C.B. 1451. 1918
ADM 186/234 Director Firing Handbook, Director Firing for Flotilla Leaders and Destroyers. 1917
ADM 186/241 Reports of the Grand Fleet Dreyer Table Committee, 1918-1919 C.B. 1533. 1919
ADM 186/244 Progress in Gunnery Material 1920
ADM 186/257 Progress in Naval Gunnery Copied pp. 126-140 relating to Baden tests. 1921
ADM 186/589 The German Cruiser Squadron in the Pacific, 1914. 1919
ADM 186/590 Operations leading up to the Battle of Coronel, Nov 1914. 1919
ADM 186/591 Operation leading up to the Battle of the Falkland Islands Nov 1914. 1919
ADM 186/592 Naval operations in The Cameroons 1914. 1919
ADM 186/593 Operations in the Mediterranean 4 - 10 Aug 1914. 1919
ADM 186/594 The conquest of the Baltic Islands: Translation of Vice-Admiral Schmidt's despatch. 1919
ADM 186/603 The Economic Blockade 1914-1919. 1920
ADM 186/604 History of British minesweeping in the war. 1920
ADM 186/605 Naval Staff Monographs: CORONEL, German cruiser squadron in the Pacific, Falklands and GOEBEN and BRESLAU. 1920
ADM 186/606 Organisation of the Archangel River Flotilla 1919. 1920
ADM 186/607 Naval Staff Monographs: East Africa to July 1915 and Cameroons 1914. 1921
ADM 186/609 The Tenth Cruiser Squadron during the command of Admiral de Chair, 1914-1916 1921
ADM 186/610 Naval Staff Monographs: the action of Dogger Bank, 24 Jan 1915. 1921
ADM 186/611 History of the White Sea Station 1914-1919. 1921
ADM 186/619 Home Waters from the Outbreak of War to 27 August, 1914. 1924
ADM 186/620 Home Waters, Sept. - Oct., 1914. 1924
ADM 186/621 Home Waters, Nov., 1914 - Jan., 1915. 1925
ADM 186/622 Home Waters, Feb. - July, 1915 1926
ADM 186/626 Battle of Jutland: Official German Account. Hopefully the translation of Der Krieg zur See by Bagot. 1926
ADM 186/631 Remarks on Handling Ships and Fleet Navigational Subjects.
ADM 186/659 Flotilla Signal Book. 1908
ADM 189/36 Annual Report of the Torpedo School. 1916
ADM 189/37 Annual Report of the Torpedo School. 1917
ADM 203/8 In-Letters, Royal Naval College Copied Letter N-13629, relating to Full Pay for Commanders and Captain studying. 1900
ADM 203/64 History of the War College.
ADM 203/69 Royal Naval War College.
ADM 203/99 War College Roster.
ADM 203/100 Royal Naval War College and Naval Staff College, Greenwich.
ADM 231/11 N.I.D. Report No. 137. Naval Manœuvres of 1887. 1887
ADM 231/12 N.I.D. Report No. 155. Instructions for D.N.I. 1888
ADM 231/14 N.I.D. Report No. 179. Naval Manœuvres of 1888. 1888
ADM 231/16 N.I.D. Report No. 215. Naval Manœuvres of 1889. 1889
ADM 231/18 N.I.D. Report No. 252. Naval Manœuvres of 1890. 1890
ADM 231/17 N.I.D. Report No. 228. Naval Manœuvres of 1891. 1891
ADM 231/22 N.I.D. Report No. 231. Naval Manœuvres of 1892. 1892
ADM 231/23 N.I.D. Report No. 372. Naval Manœuvres of 1893. 1893
ADM 231/27 N.I.D. Report No. 474. Naval Manœuvres of 1896. 1896
ADM 231/32 N.I.D. Report No. 596. Naval Manœuvres of 1900. 1900
ADM 231/35 N.I.D. Report No. 641. Naval Manœuvres of 1901. 1901
ADM 231/37 N.I.D. Report No. 690. Naval Manœuvres of 1902. 1902
ADM 231/45 Naval Intelligence Department. Distribution of Work.—March 1905. N.I.D. Report No. 789 1905
ADM 231/47 N.I.D. Report No. 817.
Naval Intelligence Department. Distribution of Work.—February 1906.
Naval Manœuvres of 1906. 1906
ADM 231/50 Naval Intelligence Department. Distribution of Work.—April 1907. 1907
ADM 234/434 The Naval Staff of the Admiralty. Staff History of the Staff. 1929
ADM 256/40 Principal Questions Dealt with by Director of Naval Ordnance. 1904
ADM 256/41 Principal Questions Dealt with by Director of Naval Ordnance. 1905
ADM 256/42 Principal Questions Dealt with by Director of Naval Ordnance. 1906
ADM 256/43 Principal Questions Dealt with by Director of Naval Ordnance. 1907
ADM 256/44 Principal Questions Dealt with by Director of Naval Ordnance. 1908-1911
ADM 268/12 Report of the Committee of the Organisation of the Department of the Controller of the Navy. 1912
ADM 275/19 Technical History and Index: serial history of technical problems dealt with by Admiralty departments.
AIR 1/279/15/226/127 Air Services - organisation and duties of the Admiralty, June 1917 - February, 1918.
CAB 38/19/49 Minutes of the 114th Meeting of the C.I.D. The fall of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Arthur K. Wilson.
HD 3/133 British Policy in the Baltic in the Event of War with Germany. 1907
HW 3/3 Papers of William F. Clarke. Room 40
SUPP 6/175 Minutes of the Ordnance Board. Jellicoe request on shell, either dated 28 Oct., 1910, or Minute No. 3284. Jan.-June, 1910
SUPP 6/176 Minutes of the Ordnance Board. Ditto. July-Dec., 1910
T 1/11192 Various Treasury Papers on Promotions. 1909
T 1/11670 Lieutenant-Commander, Flag Rank. 1913-1914

Admiralty Library, Portsmouth

Reference Title Description Date
1987/130. Tupper Papers Large selection of Tupper correspondence.
1988.337/88 Naval Memories By Admiral Sir Edward B. Kiddle. Undated
2005.14/3 Hutchison Papers Diary. 1904
MSS 114 Limpus Papers Mediterranean Routines &c. 1898
MSS 254 Tweedmouth Papers Large selection of letters. 1906 - 1908
MSS 255/4 Jackson Papers Letters from Jellicoe to Jackson. 1915 - 1916
MSS 264 Baddeley Papers Relating to D.N.B. lives of Colville, Milne and Madden.

National Maritime Museum

Reference Title Description Date
B2521 The Technical History and Index. Part 24 Storage and Handling of Explosives in Warships.
BTY/6/14/1 "Reminiscences of "Q" Turret by Private H. Willows, R.M.L.I." Lion at Jutland.
COW/17/4 The Wheel of Fortune. Memoirs of Admiral Sir Walter H. Cowan, Bart..
DAN/220 Royal Naval College. War Course. 1903.
DAN/226 Royal Naval War College. Most material concerning Army Staff College not copied. 1913
DAN/475 Gunnery.
D0710 Committee on Designs Lord Lee of Fareham's copy. 1905
DFF/3 Duff Correspondence with Bethell. Copies. 1917-1919
DFF/15 Duff Diary Diary of Rear-Admiral Alexander L. Duff, Rear-Admiral in the Fourth Battle Squadron, Grand Fleet. 1914-1916
GEE/2 Admiralty Administration. Various papers.
GEE/13 Notes on personalities at the Admiralty. Written by Sir William Graham Greene.
HTN/106 Hamilton Diary Diary of Admiral Sir Frederick T. Hamilton, Second Sea Lord. 1915-1916
HTN/117/A Hamilton Correspondence A-D. 1914-1917
HTN/117/B Hamilton Correspondence E-L. E-F, J-L copied. 1914-1917
HTN/118/A Hamilton Correspondence
JOH/24 Johnstone Papers. Camperdown, T.A.
MER/39 Mercury Papers. Tactics.
MER/43 Mercury Papers. Tactics.
MER/95 Mercury Papers. Tactics.
MID/6/10 Barham Papers. Board business. Better copy needed. 1805.
MSS/073/095 Bradford Correspondence.
MSS/80/200 Ballard Papers.
MSS/83/052.1 Dreyer to Jellicoe. 1908
MSS/83/052.2 Jellicoe to Dreyer. 1908
OLV/8 Oliver Correspondence
OLV/12 "Recollections." Typescript memoirs in two volumes of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry F. Oliver. 1946
PHI/206/A-B Reports and Journals Concerning the North America Station. 1914-1915
THY/17 "Early Days of the War in the Channel Fleet and the Gallipoli Landings." In pencil. Didn't photograph well.

Churchill Archives Centre

Reference Title Description Date
BGGF 1/3 'Private' note book. Stubbington school.
BGGF 1/4 Diary. 1878
CHAR 13/1
CHAR 13/2
CHAR 13/3
CHAR 13/4
CHAR 13/5
CHAR 13/6A-B
CHAR 13/7
CHAR 13/8
CHAR 13/9
CHAR 13/10
CHAR 13/11
CHAR 13/12
CHAR 13/13
CHAR 13/14
CHAR 13/15
CHAR 13/16
CHAR 13/19
CHAR 13/20
CHAR 13/22 A-B
CHAR 13/25/2
CHAR 13/25/4
CHAR 13/26
CHAR 13/27 A-B
CHAR 13/43
CHAR 13/44
CHAR 13/45
CHAR 13/46
CHAR 13/47
CHAR 13/48
CHAR 13/49
CHAR 13/50
CHAR 13/51
CHAR 13/52
CHAR 13/53
CHAR 13/54
CHAR 13/55
CHAR 13/56 Fisher Correspondence.
CHAR 13/57 Fisher Correspondence.
CHAR 13/59
DRYR 3/1 Letters from Admiral of the Fleet Lord Jellicoe to Dreyer.
DRYR 4/1 Galley proof of draft, apparently written by Admiral of the Fleet Lord Jellicoe, of part of Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon's biography of Jellicoe.
DRYR 6/13 Dismissal of Jellicoe.
DUPO 1/1 Draft of book on Admiralty by Norman Macleod 1955-1957
HOOD 3/12 Appointment as Rear Admiral. 1913
HOOD 3/17 Order of the Bath and Statutes. 1911
SDEE 1/17 Draft essay. Titled "My Service Connections with Lord Fisher".
SDEE 1/18 Draft essay. Titled "Some Reminiscences of the War, 1914-18".
SDEE 3/2 1900-1910 etc.
SDEE 3/6 Correspondence with naval colleagues. With press cuttings and telegrams. 1915-1916
SDEE 4/2 Track chart of Falkland Islands action.
SDEE 4/3 Photographs. Comprising black-and-white prints. Including photographs of Admiral Sturdee, family and friends, family homes, holidays and travels, and some naval subjects. With a Christmas card.
WYMS 2/1 Letters.
WYMS 2/7 Letters.
WYMS 2/8 Letters.
WYMS 4/4
WYMS 11/1 Catalogue of papers on microfilm.

British Library

Reference Title Description Date
Add. MSS. 49038 Jellicoe's draft memoirs.