U.S.S. Stringham (1899)

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U.S.S. Stringham (1899)
Hull Number: TB-19
Builder: Harlan & Hollingsworth[1]
Ordered: Act of 3 March, 1897[2]
Laid down: 21 March, 1898[3]
Launched: 10 June, 1899[4]
Commissioned: 7 November, 1905[5]
Decommissioned: 21 November, 1913[6]
Stricken: 26 November, 1913[7]
Sold: 18 May, 1923
Fate: Broken up
U.S.S. Stringham was a torpedo boat completed in 1905 for the U.S. Navy.


This article includes text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Stringham's contract was awarded to Harlan & Hollingsworth of Wilmington, Delaware. Her design was worked out by Albert S. Chesebrough.[8]

Stringham was launched on 10 June, 1899, sponsored by Miss Edwina Stringham Creighton. Her trials were unsatisfactory, delaying her entry into service.[9]


Stringham was placed in reduced commission on 7 November, 1905, Lieutenant Albert H. McCarthy in command.

Assigned to the Reserve Torpedo Flotilla at Annapolis upon completion, Stringham was placed in full commission on 30 October, 1906 and assigned to the 3d Torpedo Flotilla, Atlantic Fleet. Stringham operated on the eastern seaboard between Key West and Cape Cod into 1907. Detached on 11 October, 1907 from the Atlantic Fleet, Stringham was placed in reserve, in reduced commission, on 31 January, 1908 at the Norfolk Navy Yard.

Placed in full commission again on 1 July, 1908, Stringham rejoined the 3d Torpedo Flotilla. She operated primarily out of Newport, R.I. until October. In October 1908 Stringham proceeded to Charleston where she was placed in reserve on 19 November, 1908. Recommissioned on 14 August, 1909, Stringham was assigned duty as flagship of the 3d Division, Atlantic Torpedo Flotilla on 9 September. During October 1909, she participated with units of the Atlantic Fleet in the Hudson-Fulton Centennial celebrations, steaming up the Hudson as far as Albany on 8 October. Returning south to Charleston, Stringham was again placed in reserve on 30 November.

Assigned to temporary duty with the 1st Torpedo Division, Atlantic Fleet on 1 April, 1910, Stringham was transferred to the Engineering Experimental Station at Annapolis on 14 September. She served as a practice ship and training vessel for midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy from 1911 to 1913, and was placed out of commission on 21 November, 1913 at the Norfolk Navy Yard.

Stringham was struck from the Navy list on 26 November, 1913 and designated for use as a target ship on 17 December, 1913. Stringham was never actually used in this role however and remained at Norfolk for almost another decade. She was finally sold on 18 May, 1923 to E. L. Hurst of Roanoke Dock for scrapping.

Her wreck is apparently visible in the water near Hampton Roads in the modern era, though it is fast fading away.[10]


Dates of appointment are provided when known.


  • four 6-pounder guns
  • two 18-inch torpedo tubes in single mounts aft

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