U.S.S. Fox (1919)

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U.S.S. Fox (1919)
Hull Number: DD-234
Builder: New York Shipbuilding[1]
Laid down: 25 Jun, 1918[2]
Launched: 12 Jun, 1919[3]
Commissioned: 17 May, 1920[4]
Decommissioned: 2 Feb, 1931[5]
Stricken: 19 Dec, 1945[6]
U.S.S. Fox was one of one hundred and fifty-six Clemson Class destroyers completed for the U.S. Navy. She was one of just five Clemsons to have 5-in/51cal guns in lieu of the standard 4-in/50cal models.


She was commissioned on 17 May, 1920 with Commander A. D. Turnbull in command.


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