U.S.S. Bernadou (1918)

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U.S.S. Bernadou (1918)
Hull Number: DD-153
Builder: William Cramp & Sons[1]
Laid down: 4 Jun, 1918[2]
Launched: 7 Nov, 1918[3]
Commissioned: 19 May, 1919[4]
Decommissioned: 1 Jul, 1922[5]
Stricken: 13 Aug, 1945[6]
U.S.S. Bernadou was one of one hundred and eleven Wickes class destroyers completed for the U.S. Navy. It was named for Commander John Baptiste Bernadou, who had fought valiantly in the Spanish-American War.


Bernadou was commissioned on 19 May, 1919 with Lieutenant Commander L. G. Farley in command.


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