Twelfth Fleet Sweeping Flotilla (Royal Navy)

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The Twelfth Fleet Sweeping Flotilla was a formation of fleet minesweepers of the Royal Navy that operated out of Clyde and Harwich late in the war alongside the sweeping gunboats of the Thirteenth Fleet Sweeping Flotilla.


December, 1918 – February, 1919

The flotilla is seemingly created in December, 1918 with Kendal paid off, as she would remain until some time in January. The flotilla was temporarily detached to Harwich at the turn of the year, and would soon return there.[1]

Based in Clyde
Twin Screw Minesweepers
Gaddesden Irvine Kendal(paid off) Marlow Saltburn Southdown

February, 1919 – May, 1919

The formation is based in Harwich alongside the Sixth (or Harwich), Nineteenth and Twentieth (or Felixstowe) Fleet Sweeping Flotillas.[2]

Operating from Harwich
Twin Screw Minesweepers
Gaddesden(paid off) Irvine Kendal Marlow Saltburn Southdown

May, 1919 – ?

The Supplement to the Monthly Navy List at this juncture ceased bothering to print detailed information on minesweeping formations. All six vessels from this flotilla are described as being detailed to unspecified "Mine Clearance Service". Though reference is made to a separate Mine Clearance Service Weekly Return for more information, no copy of that work has been located.[3]

Senior Officers


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