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Biographies, Memoirs, &c.

Name Un-published Autobiography Published Autobiography Biography
Bacon, Sir Reginald H. S. A Naval Scrapbook: First Part, 1877–1900 (1925)
From 1900 Onward (1940)
Ballard, Sir George A.
Bradford, Sir Edward E.
Chambers, Bertram M.
Cowan, Sir Walter H., Bart.
De Chair, Sir Dudley R. S.
Dundas, Sir Charles H.
Fisher, Lord
Fisher, Sir William F.
Fremantle, Sir Sydney R.

Flag Officers Who had Seen Action, Pre-1914

5/7. Callaghan, Fisher, Meux, Noel, Wilson.

Bacon, Bayly, Beatty, Bradford, Colville, Jellicoe, King-Hall, Paget, .

Ballard, Cowan, Hood, .

Flag Officers who did not attend Britannia

  • Fisher
  • Wilson
  • Milford Haven
  • Gaunt, G.

Noel passed the examination for Naval Cadet on 4 December, 1858. He presumably entered the Britannia, which became the Training Ship for Naval Cadets on 1 January, 1859.

Pre-Britannia Education

Cowan never went to school, and Guy Gaunt isn't counted, on account of his entering from the R.N.R. For the record, he was educated at Melbourne Grammar School and Worcester.


  1. Ryan

Burney's Royal (Naval) Academy, Gosport

  1. Ballard
  2. Beatty
  3. Burney
  4. Charlton
  5. Cradock
  6. Luard
  7. Poë
  8. Tottenham
  9. Tyrwhitt


  1. Meux

Eastman's Royal Naval Academy, Southsea

  1. Hunter
  2. Hutchison
  3. May
  4. Woollcombe


  1. Slade
  2. Wilson

Field House, Rottingdean

  1. Jellicoe

Foster's Naval Academy/Stubbington House School, Fareham

  1. Bernard
  2. Chambers
  3. Colville,
  4. Fyler
  5. Gough-Calthorpe
  6. Grant, H. S.
  7. Halsey
  8. Jackson, H. B.
  9. King-Hall, H. G.
  10. Napier
  11. Nicholson, W. C. M.
  12. Pakenham
  13. Ruck-Keene

King’s College School

  1. Limpus

Knight's School, Coventry

  1. Fisher, J. A.

Littlejohn's, Greenwich

  1. Keyes

Melbourne Church of England Grammar School

  1. Gaunt, E. F. A.

Morton's Prepatory School, Farnborough

  1. Wemyss

North Grove House, Southsea

  1. Fisher, F. W.

Royal Naval School, New Cross

  1. Kiddle
  2. Sturdee

Woodcote House, Windlesham

  1. Jerram

Service Records Needed

Fanshawe ADM 196/36 Fisher ADM 196/38 Pakenham ADM 196/42