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Proper Citation of Photographs

I have a picture of Gowan, and while I do have permission to use it for an article that I've submitted for publication, I can ask permission to use it here. If granted, what is the proper citation format?

Format for Dates

For consistency, I understand that dates can be "Month Day, Year" or "Day Month Year", if spelled out in full and all four digits for the year. For the second one, convention is not to insert a comma after month, even if just using "Month Year" and no day is specified.

Post-war Commands

He apparently was appointed as Commander for light cruiser Dartmouth and light cruiser Southampton while these vessels were under the full command of people with the rank of captain. Should the reader understand this to mean that he was the acting commanding officer in the respective captain's absence, or just a naval Commander assigned to each ship?

Generally, this means he was the ship's executive officer.  Sorry to take so long to notice these -- I get no notification!  Tone (talk) 16:52, 25 July 2018 (UTC)