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Find here award to ADAMS ;

ADAMS Bryan F N/E Cdr. RN 88X560 & 560a Legion Vice Admiral Dover Patrol 31.07.19 N/E Post War DSO For conspicuous courage and devotion to duty during the storming of Zeebrugge Mole on the 23rd April, 1918. For his personal share in the above operation Commander Adams was promoted but subsequent enquires have established in fact that Commander Adams took an important part in the landing than was at first supposed and is therefore strongly recommended for a further reward. As at first reported Commander Adams landed at the same time as his immediate commanding officer the late Lt.Commander A.L. Harrison ; as a matter of fact Lt.Commander Harrison was wounded on board the "Vindictive", and did not reach the Mole for some time after Commander Adams had landed. The attack on the seaward end of the Mole, was therefore entirely due to the initiative of Commander Adams, who pressed his attack on which the whole success of the blocking operation might have depended, with a magnificent dash, displaying qualities of personal courage and leadership of the highest order.