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  • ....C. submarines, and 196 minesweepers. It lost two battleships, one battle cruiser, six armoured cruisers, eighteen light cruisers, seventeen gunboats, 110 to
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  •|<small>Citations for this data available on individual ship pages</small> ...draught of water and 32 knots speed with a radius of 11000 miles <u>and so small a personnel</u> in view of the 1000 in the {{DE-Derfflinger}} & the 885 in
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  • |1875 || Cruiser Arc Lantern<ref>Admiralty Weekly Orders. 28 Feb, 1913. {{TNA|ADM 182/4}}. |1451 || Battery Cell, small 1.5V<ref>''Torpedo Drill Book, 1905'', p. 23.</ref> || AKA Leclanché cell
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  • a Rear-Admiral, 1920.<br><small>© National Portrait Gallery, London.</small>]] Bruen was referred to as "Tiny" by some sailors due to his small stature. As to temperament, he was judged "completely unemotional"; a plac
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  • ...s were forward. It was by no means an unqualified advantage. Cabins were small and distributed all over the ship, wherever room could be found for them. ...ard VII Class Battleship (1903)|''King Edward VII'']] and [[Minotaur Class Cruiser (1906)|''Minotaur'']] classes.{{TheSightM|p. 94, 108, Plate 47}}
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  • ...Fleet, 1931.<br><small>Photograph: © National Portrait Gallery, London.</small>]] H<small>IS MAJESTY</small> '''George V, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the Britis
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  • ...ght by the wind and swung along side a moored cruiser, crushing one of the cruiser's boats while avoiding collision. ...o the Germans. As a last ditch measure, she was equipped with a number of small calibre weapons in the event of German invasion. As the threat of invasion
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  • class of ship, with a shallow draught for inshore work and a requisite small number of big guns was specified. ...s, ''Raglan'' being despatched on the 28 June in tow of the old protected cruiser ''Diana''. She arrived on 22 July and went straight into action, supporting
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  • ...n 20 March 1909 and joined the [[First Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Cruiser Squadron]] of the First Division, [[Home Fleet (Royal Navy)|Home Fleet]]. ...atea|f=p}} heralding [[David Beatty, First Earl Beatty|Beatty]]'s [[Battle Cruiser Fleet]]'s (B.C.F.) sighting of the [[High Sea Fleet]]. At 16:00, after the
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  •|<small>Citations for this data available on individual ship pages</small> ...']], [[Monmouth Class Cruiser (1901)|''Monmouth'']] and [[Devonshire Class Cruiser (1903)|''Devonshire'']] classes were to land their searchlights from their
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  •|<small>Citations for this data available on individual ship pages</small> ...d that the pipes for flooding the magazines for the 6-in guns appeared too small. On 22 December, the D.N.O. asked how long it would take to switch the plu
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  • ...ord Fisher]], the [[First Sea Lord]], objecting to the removal of a battle cruiser from his command: ...l Commanding the [[First Battle Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Battle Cruiser Squadron]] referred in a letter to Jellicoe to "TIGER being as yet unfit" t
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  • ...By 1911 he was at the Admiralty in charge of the design of the novel light cruiser {{UK-1Arethusa}}. His later description of this design in a lecture to Amer ...s essential; but this was partially remedied in October 1942 when he and a small staff returned to Whitehall. In the early part of the war Churchill was fir
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  • ...Maria Teresa'']] and [[Oquendo (1891)|''Oquendo'']], as ''Ericsson'' towed small craft from her squadron's larger ships to the burning hulks.
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  • The "target fleet" would be small models or cut-outs of ships of approximately 150 feet to the inch, arranged ...n table" set up, and Vice-Admiral commanding the {{UK-BS|4}} invited light-cruiser and destroyer officers to come putter with it.
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  • ...d Fisher, 1916.<br><small>Portrait: © National Portrait Gallery, London.</small>]] ...British Navy by an Indian merchant at a cost of 84,000. It was the day of small things and of sailing-ships.<ref>Fisher. ''Records''. pp. 11-12.</ref></b
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  • ...tinct from the impulsiveness of [[Battle Cruiser Fleet (Royal Navy)|Battle Cruiser Fleet]] commander, Vice-Admiral [[David Richard Beatty, First Earl Beatty| :[[Jellicoe:Background and Early Life|<small>Main Article</small>]]
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  • ...s system of telegraphy, and also, for the purposes of working out the many small details required for ship fittings of the Marconi apparatus, and establishi ...9 the squadron was renamed the [[Sixth Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Sixth Cruiser Squadron]], and he gave up command on 10 October, 1910, arriving back in Br
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  • ==Cruiser Action== ...n the [[H.M.S. Carnarvon (1903)|''Carnarvon'']] realised that his armoured cruiser wasn't fast enough to pursue the three German ships as directed, and contin
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  • of ten [[Armoured Cruiser|armoured cruisers]] of the [[Monmouth Class Cruiser (1901)|''Monmouth'' Class]] completed between 1903 and 1904. ...ortunity on the passage to conduct a full-power test and drew ahead of her small formation. At about 4.50am on the 21st she ran hard aground on the Samaran
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