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  • [[Admiral of the Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy)|Admiral of the Fleet]] Marquis (Kōshaku (侯爵)) '''Tōgō Heihachirō''' (東郷 平八 ..., in feudal Japan. Tōgō's father was a samurai, serving under the house of Shimazu, and he had three brothers.
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  • ...istakably to the ranks of modern nations capable of exerting themselves in naval contests. * [[Battle of Port Arthur]]
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  • ...n 3 July, 1898 was one of two main naval actions of the [[Spanish-American War]]. ...leships]] and three cruisers but was annihilated in a running battle along the coast.
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  • ...1922) was a naval historian closely associated with the [[Royal Navy]] in the early Twentieth Century. the ‘English Men of Action’ series the life of Monk in 1889, and in the following year Drake. It would, however, be a mistake to suppose that these
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  • ...of [[Julian Stafford Corbett|Sir Julian S. Corbett]] in the possession of the National Maritime Museum, London. ...Longman and Longmans about "England in the Mediterranean",1917, the impact of Corbetts books and to Lady Corbett, 1928-38 about Corbett's books, plus mis
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  • ...own into confusion when a Japanese shell killed him and sent his flagship, the {{RU-Retvizan|f=t}} careening off course. ...the devastation faced in the following year at the [[Battle of Tsushima]], the Russians were fortunate to recover and not suffer a greater calamity.
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  • ...the [[Great War]], its pitched and decisive naval battles were the objects of close study and review. ...aval Battles of the Russo-Japanese War|Naval Battles of the Russo-Japanese War]]
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  • ...e major vessels engaged in a gun action near the mouth of the harbour, but the action was not decisive. * [[Battle of the Yellow Sea]]
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