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  • ...consisted of two vessels, variously described as battle cruisers or large light cruisers, built for the [[Royal Navy]] between 1915 and 1916 at the behest ...buthnot Fisher, First Baron Fisher|Lord Fisher]] made mention of two large light cruisers:
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  • {{Tenure|rank=Captain|name=Charles Martin-de-Bartolomé|nick=Charles Bartolomé|appt=1 December, 1908<ref>Bartolomé Ser ...NA|ADM 196/43.}} f. 459.</ref>|note=and as Flag Captain from Vice-Admiral de Robeck hoisting his flag}}
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  • {{TabApptsRow|Preceded by<br>'''[[Osmond de Beauvoir Brock|Osmond de B. Brock]]'''|'''[[H.M.S. King Edward VII (1903)|Captain of H.M.S. ''King E {{TabApptsRow|Preceded by<br>'''[[Charles Martin-de-Bartolomé|Charles Martin-de-Bartolomé]]'''|'''[[H.M.S. Neptune (1909)|Captain of H.M.S. ''Neptune'']]'
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  • ...Second, Fourth and Sixth Battle Squadrons, and presumably the First Light Cruiser Squadron) to discuss the forthcoming operation before the fleet proceeded t]], [[Herbert Leopold Heath|Heath]] & [[Dudley Rawson Stratford de Chair|De Chair]]. I don't think Bayly would do. He has such curious fits of heroic
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  • ...n 20 March 1909 and joined the [[First Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Cruiser Squadron]] of the First Division, [[Home Fleet (Royal Navy)|Home Fleet]]. ...atea|f=p}} heralding [[David Beatty, First Earl Beatty|Beatty]]'s [[Battle Cruiser Fleet]]'s (B.C.F.) sighting of the [[High Sea Fleet]]. At 16:00, after the
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  • ...Battleship (1894)|''Majestic'' class battleships]] and two [[Cressy Class Cruiser (1899)|''Cressy'' class cruisers]] being sent there to be demobilised on th ...information which might convey the importance they attach to the bell, in light of the Admiralty's understanding that such items carry great sentimental va
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  • ...the addition of the German battlecruiser {{DE-Goeben}} and light cruiser {{DE-Breslau}} on the very outbreak of the [[Great War]].
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  • ...yly "had been recalled, owing to his rather indiscreet conduct there."<ref>De Chair. p. 115.</ref> ...ref>ADM 196/39. f. 84.</ref> On 22 March he was appointed a [[Naval Aide-de-Camp]] to King Edward VII, vice [[Thomas Philip Walker|Walker]].<ref>''The
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  • ...daunted|f=t}} in the Mediterranean, captained by Captain [[Charles William de la Poer Beresford, First Baron Beresford|Lord Charles Beresford]], a family ...the annual manœuvres. On 5 November he was appointed to the second-class cruiser [[H.M.S. Astræa (1893)|''Astræa'']] in the Mediterranean as First Lieuten
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  • ...yal (1911)|''Princess Royal'']] (Captain [[Osmond de Beauvoir Brock|Osmond de B. Brock]]) was ordered detached from the Grand Fleet. ...'s armoured cruisers in the early stages, but, in the event of the enemy's light cruisers separating or trying to escape, make it their business to deal wit
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  • {{Tenure|rank=Captain|name=Charles William de la Poer Beresford, First Baron Beresford|nick=The Rt. Hon. Lord Charles Ber |{{UK-1Calypso|f=p}}||third class protected cruiser||7 Jun, 1883||Sold 1922
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  • ...[[Battle of Jutland]], one of three such squadrons screening the [[Battle Cruiser Fleet]]. ...ns on the 31st October, to the 2nd November, 1917, when a German Auxiliary Cruiser and several Trawlers were sunk in the Kattegat. Their Lordships' appreciati
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  • ...he Marine)|Konterdmiral]] [[Friedrich Bödicker]]'s second scouting group (light cruisers), was retiring under heavy fire to the westward. Hood, hearing th ...ou can; every shot is telling". Five minutes later (18.34) a shell from {{DE-Derfflinger}} burst in ''Invincible's'' "Q" turret. The flash went down to
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  • ...Gneisenau}}, while the rest of the German squadron bar the light cruiser {{DE-Dresden}} was destroyed by the rest of the British squadron. {{TabApptsRow|Preceded by<br>'''[[Charles Martin-de-Bartolomé|Charles Bartolomé]]'''|'''[[First Sea Lord|Naval Assistant to t
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  • {{TabApptsRow|Preceded by<br>'''[[Osmond de Beauvoir Brock|Osmond de B. Brock]]'''|'''[[H.M.S. Princess Royal (1911)|Captain of H.M.S. ''Princes ...t Light Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Rear-Admiral Commanding, First Light Cruiser Squadron]]'''<br>? &ndash; 5 Jul, 1920<ref>Cowan Service Record. {{TNA|ADM
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  • ...6, in which he led most of his [[First Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Cruiser Squadron]] to destruction against the German [[High Sea Fleet]]. Arbuthnot On 2 March, 1911 he was appointed a Naval Aide-de-Camp to King George V, in place of [[Bernard Currey]], promoted to flag ran
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  • ...ce, being chosen by the Governor-General of the Red Sea to act as his Aide-de-Camp. ...Rear-Admiral Commanding the [[Fourth Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Fourth Cruiser, or Training Squadron]] in succession to Rear-Admiral [[Edward Eden Bradfor
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  • ...Fifth''. p. 19.</ref> with the help of, amongst others, [[Charles William de la Poer Beresford, First Baron Beresford|Lord Charles Beresford]]<ref>Gordo ...ef> Prince George was able to secure for himself command of the protected cruiser ''Melampus'' for the upcoming manœuvres, and have Evan-Thomas appointed as
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  • ...the [[Royal Navy]]. He is chiefly remembered for his service in command of light cruisers during the [[First World War]]. ...ossible twelve towards being rated as a {{MidRN}}. He was appointed to the cruiser ''Northampton'' on the [[North America and West Indies Station]] on 10 Janu
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  • ...f. 267.</ref>|Succeeded by<br>'''[[John Gilbert de Odingsells Coke|John G. de O. Coke]]'''}} ...[[Third Light Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Second in Command, Third Light Cruiser Squadron]]'''<br>24 Dec, 1917<ref>Woollcombe Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196
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