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  • ...pies of A<small>LL</small> the available service records for each of these officers, and is currently working to try and copy all their passing certificates fo
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  • ...a list of officers of the [[Royal Navy]] who held rank ''equivalent to'' [[Flag Rank]].
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  • ...of {{RearRN}}, and lists every officer who served on the Active List as a flag officer from January, 1889 to December, 1919. ! colspan="11" align=center | Flag Officers of the Royal Navy, 1889 &ndash; 1919
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  • ...he Navy in Cabinet and in Parliament. He was advised by a number of naval officers on the Board with variously defined briefs. The First Lord's chief adviser ...e ports came under the authority of a Commander-in-Chief, usually a senior flag officer. The second-in-command of the Port was the Admiral Superintendent
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  • ..., 1903''', was a piece of British legislation regulating the retirement of officers of the [[Royal Navy]]. ...of Your Majesty's Navy, with particular reference to the ages at which the Officers come upon the several lists.
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  • ...arch, 1900''', was a piece of legislation affecting the retirement of Flag Officers of the [[Royal Navy]]. ...hould be reduced from Ten to Seven Years, was made applicable only to Flag Officers coming on the List after that date:
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  • ...527 (Supplement) no. 30723. p. 6527.] 3 June, 1918.</ref> He struck his flag at 2CS on 1 February, 1919.<ref name=f418/> ...his flag to [[H.M.S. St. Vincent (1908)|''St. Vincent'']], and struck his flag on 23 April.<ref>ADM 196/42. f. 418.</ref>
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  • command of the [[Dover Patrol (Royal Navy)|Dover Patrol]], hoisting his flag in the {{UK-Arrogant|f=t}}.{{SMNLNov15|p. 4}} ...e he had gone afloat. He had the most exacting and arduous command of and Flag Officer in the War[,] and was very badly treated at the end of it. Keyes i
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  • ...9.</ref>|note=and as Flag Captain from Vice-Admiral de Robeck hoisting his flag}} to live in. From it one had to walk half the length of the ship to the officers' bathroom. My second was forward, all mixed up with the chain cables and a
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  • ...hone using combinations of numbers. A substantially reduced complement of officers was carried although two hundred ratings were required to oversee the ship. ...mes Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/45.|D7603284}} f. 32.</ref>|note=and as Flag Captain and Chief of Staff to Vice-Admiral [[Victor Albert Stanley|Stanley]
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  • ....<ref name=thetimes1911/> A few weeks later on 12 December 1911 eighteen officers and men were injured when an explosion occurred onboard while ''Orion'' was ...rowed in boats that proved victorious in the Officers' Cutter Race and the Officers' Veterans Skiff Race. The ship also won the 2BS Sailing Regatta held on 23
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  • ...1909, having completed a world cruise of overwhelming success, showing the flag and spreading good will. This dramatic gesture impressed the world with the
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  • ...bells were made for the Captain, the Wardroom, the Gunroom and the Warrant Officers' Mess. Admiral Jellicoe rang the bell into service by sounding off eight b ...ref>Hallifax Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/49.|}} f. 35.</ref>|note=as as Flag Captain and Chief Staff Officer, temporary, from 12 December, 1933}}
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  • At 11 a.m. on 13 August Jellicoe met with the flag officers present at Scapa (from the First, Second, Fourth and Sixth Battle Squadrons ...hear how you propose to deal with the fleet problem on which you and your officers have been engaged. ''Rest of quote is in J.P.I. p. 171.''<ref>Letter of 4
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  • ...with Captain [[Tufton Percy Hamilton Beamish|Tufton P. H. Beamish]] as his Flag Captain. On 11 November ''Invincible'' sailed in company with ''Inflexible ...ral [[Horace Lambert Alexander Hood|Hood]] was killed along with sixty-one officers, nine hundred and sixty-five men and five civilians. Six men survived, amo
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  • ...s of the [[Royal Navy]] established in 1900. It was commanded by a junior flag officer or senior Captain of distinction, based first at [[Royal Naval Coll ...the Council) to consider the question of the Course of Study of the Senior Officers at the Royal Naval College, and to offer such suggestions as may be deemed
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  • ...ohn Pakenham Pipon|John P. Pipon]], C.B., C.M.G., with a complement of 757 officers and men for service on the [[Mediterranean Station]].<ref>"Naval & Military ...f>Stoddart Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/20.}} f. 589.</ref>|note=and as Flag Captain}}
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  • [[File:H.M.S. Prince George - 1898.jpg|thumb|400px|right|The three senior officers in ''Prince George'', 1898. From left to right: Commander [[Montague Edwar ...ref>Savill Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/43.|}} f. 104.</ref>|note=and as Flag Captain}}
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  • ...t'' and became port depot ship for Rosyth, bearing a great many additional officers for duties ranging from boom defence to various "special service".{{NLJan21 ...ef>Stopford Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/19.}} f. 323.</ref>|note=and as Flag Captain}}
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  • ...Dominica on 3 November, the same day that the {{UK-1Suffolk}}, flying the flag of Rear-Admiral [[Christopher George Francis Maurice Cradock|Sir Christophe ...|ADM 196/46/15.|D7603522}} f. 15.</ref>|note=took command upon transfer of flag from {{UK-Hercules}}}}
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  • ==Flag Rank== ...mand in the [[Channel Squadron (Royal Navy)|Channel Squadron]], flying his flag in H.M.S. ''Agincourt''. He assumed command on 5 July.{{NLOct85|p. 188}}
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  • ...ate 1897. Then the ship prepared for a voyage to Havana, Cuba, to show the flag and to protect American citizens in event of violence in the Spanish strugg ...rward part of the ship. Out of 350 officers and men on board that night (4 officers were ashore), 252 were dead or missing. Eight more were to die in Havana ho
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  • [[:Category:Argentinian Navy Flag Officers]]
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