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  • ...' was laid down 7 May, 1891 by [[William Cramp & Sons|William Cramp & Sons Ship and Engine Building Company]] of Philadelphia, PA and was built to design s The armoured protection for the 1-pdr guns at the ends of the ship consisted an increased thickness of 2 inches as the gun ports were folded w
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  • ...nys]] and engined by [[John Brown & Company]], she was the fastest capital ship in the fleet until {{UK-Tiger|f=p}}, the last of the so-called [["Big Cats" ..., the same day that it was announced in ''The Times'' that the name of the ship would be ''Queen Mary'', in honour of the consort of [[George V|King George
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  • ...July 1891 was appointed to the training ship [[H.M.S. Britannia (Training Ship)|''Britannia'']] at Dartmouth.{{DreyerSeaHeritage|p. 25}} Out of the sixty ...ifle practice Dreyer was recognised as a potential marksman and joined the ship's rifle team. At a rifle meeting in March 1895 he competed against a numbe
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  • summed up in a few words by saying that he speeded things up and saved us some 5 or 6 years. ...kill the very difficult task of writing the Life of Lord Fisher and giving us a picture of this extraordinary man and the demoniacal energy, inspired by
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  • ...em illustrated on the Type A above if we apply our own speed to the target ship and align the position bar to the enemy bearing. ===Determine a course change that will allow us to draw out of range===
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  • ...inflict heavy damage on the enemy even under conditions most difficult for us and most favourable to him. At the same time these conditions have shown we ...enemy ship was fired after 1 1/2 minutes, while the fourth salvo from our ship was fired at 4 minutes. This shows that the enemy have a system of ranging
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  • ...ted on for extending the periods for which ships were hired? Would he have us forget the shameful violation of contract in the supply of preserved meats; ...reme need, will hold the same relation to them as the owners of a derelict ship hold to exacting volunteer salvors. Besides the inefficiency and eventual e
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  • ...ine-room Watches, so as to relieve the more highly trained officers of the ship from the routine duty of Engine-room Watch-keeping. ...ce of 8½d. a day will be paid to Warrant Officers, Seamen, and Marines on ship's books who are away on leave beyond 48 hours. This privilege or its equiva
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  • ...anges and deflections are transmitted to the guns. The function varied by ship, period and navy. Most vitally, the various nationalities had different wo Capital ships in the Royal Navy tended to have 2 fitted (one fore and and af
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  • This article is going to catalogue the equipment each British ship carried into battle and the conditions under which it was used. The overal ...g obtained by coincidence range finders and similar instruments, not every ship used its director all the time, some few ships lacked a director, some ship
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  • ..." ten seamen. The ''Algerine's'' men were subsequently sent back to their ship, from which they could not well be spared, and were replaced on 4th June by ...was rumoured that she contemplated withdrawing from Peking to the ancient capital, Sian Fu, in Shensi Province. My object in going to Tientsin was also part
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  • ...-Chief 1916-19: 'C-in-C's (Commander-in-Chief's) Private Record' detailing ship movements Dec 1916-Sep 1917. First Sea Lord, 1919-27: Capital ship versus submarine, papers on the building policy of the navy, 6 Dec 1920-20
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  • ...rmoured cruisers was reduced to one.<ref>Mackay. pp. 386-389.</ref> This ship's design, essentially an enlarged {{UK-Invincible}} (or Design E.), was app ...geman Bridgeman|Sir Francis C. B. Bridgeman]], had insisted that the eight capital ships in the 1909-1910 programme be battleships.<ref>Lambert. "Sir John Fi
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  • * Washington's Cherrytrees: The Evolution of the British 1921-22 Capital Ships (Part 1 of 4), by N J M Campbell * Classic Ship Models: Number 1 The USS Wilkes-Barre, by Lawrence Sowinski
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  • smoke, the ship was turned about 32 points, and station taken 4.23. Salvo appeared to hit last ship in enemy's line.
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  • Thus science continues to present to us more and more frequently its practical side; and thus every branch of human ...parted, but we are anxious to point out the possible result which seems to us well worthy of being kept in view.
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  • ...pite a focus on smaller construction, the firm did build some of Germany's capital ships for the Great War. |'''Ship'''||'''Type'''||'''Launched'''||'''Fate'''
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