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  • ...onnel</u> in view of the 1000 in the {{DE-Derfflinger}} & the 885 in the {{DE-Blucher}} &c..<br>Yours truly<br>Fisher<br>25.1.15<br>I asked Crease to see ...two whoppers, with 15-inch guns, and speed enough to run any German light cruiser off the face of the ocean."<ref>''Transactions of the Institution of Naval
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  • ...>{{ShipCareer|fullname=H.M.S. ''Raglan'' (1915)|fate2={{DE-Breslau}} and {{DE-Goeben}}{{DittColl|p. 102}} ...s, ''Raglan'' being despatched on the 28 June in tow of the old protected cruiser ''Diana''. She arrived on 22 July and went straight into action, supporting
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  • ...43}}. f. 156.</ref> On 25 October he was transferred to the new armoured cruiser [[H.M.S. Suffolk (1903)|''Suffolk'']] in the Mediterranean. He was discipl ...replied, "And you seem very young to be First Lord of the Admiralty."<ref>de Chair. ''The Sea is Strong''. p. 142.</ref>
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  • ...was an officer of the 78th Regiment of Foot (Highlanders) serving as Aide-de-Camp to the Governor of Ceylon. In 1841 he decided to leave the army, and On 2 March, 1877, he assumed command of the armoured ship {{UK-1Bellerophon}} as Flag Captain to Vice-Admiral [[Astley Cooper Ke
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  • ...tinct from the impulsiveness of [[Battle Cruiser Fleet (Royal Navy)|Battle Cruiser Fleet]] commander, Vice-Admiral [[David Richard Beatty, First Earl Beatty| ...], which took him to such foreign destinations as China, Port Stanley, Rio de Janeiro, South Africa and St. Helena over three years. He proved himself i
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  • ...yal (1911)|''Princess Royal'']] (Captain [[Osmond de Beauvoir Brock|Osmond de B. Brock]]) was ordered detached from the Grand Fleet. ...mes effective. The armoured cruisers should avoid action with the enemy's armoured cruisers until either the latter have been damaged or, owing to a superior
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  • of ten [[Armoured Cruiser|armoured cruisers]] of the [[Monmouth Class Cruiser (1901)|''Monmouth'' class]] completed between 1903 and 1904. {{Tenure|rank=Captain|name=Cunningham Robert de Clare Foot|nick=Cunningham R. de C. Foot|appt=25 August, 1913<ref>Foot Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/42.}}
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  • of ten [[Armoured Cruiser|armoured cruisers]] of the [[Monmouth Class Cruiser (1901)|''Monmouth'' Class]] completed between 1903 and 1904. ...rvice Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/20.}} f. 657.</ref>|end=11 November, 1907<ref>de Horsey Service Record. {{TNA|ADM 196/20.}} f. 657.</ref>}}
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  • ...n the Western United States prior to the First World War, and thus had a ''de facto'' monopoly on major warship construction contracts on the Pacific coa In 1886, UIW was awarded a one million dollar contract to build a Naval cruiser, the {{US-Charleston}}, which they completed in eighteen months. From the c
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  • {{Tenure|rank=Captain|name=Charles William de la Poer Beresford, First Baron Beresford|nick=The Rt. Hon. Lord Charles Ber |{{UK-1Calypso|f=p}}||third class protected cruiser||7 Jun, 1883||Sold 1922
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  • ...xpense in S.S. ''Cuzco'', arriving back on 9 June. He was appointed to the cruiser {{UK-1Mersey}} for the annual man&oelig;uvres from 4 July to 22 August, the ...rpedo, obtaining First Classes in both. On 17 July he was appointed to the cruiser {{UK-1Melpomene}} in the Pacific as First Lieutenant and gunnery officer. I
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  • ...3978.] 10 July, 1896.</ref> After three years at sea as commander of the cruiser {{UK-Terrible}} and the {{UK-Caesar|f=t}} he returned to the ''Vernon'' in ...''Duke of Wellington'' for command of the new [[Armoured Cruiser|armoured cruiser]] [[H.M.S. Good Hope (1901)|''Good Hope'']], which he commissioned on 8 Nov
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  • In 1903 Sueter married Elinor Mary de Winton (d. 1948), only daughter of Sir Andrew Clarke; they had two daughter ...during her building. As a result he was appointed in 1910 to command the cruiser ''Hermione'' with the additional title of [[Inspecting Captain of Airships]
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  • ...tin-de-Bartolome, NPG x163935.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Admiral Charles Martin-de-Bartholomé as a Captain in 1918.<br><small>Portrait: © National Portrait {{AdmRN}} {{SIR}} '''Charles Martin-de-Bartolomé''', K.C.M.G., C.B., Royal Navy, Retired (26 November, 1871 &ndas
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  • ...Gneisenau}}, while the rest of the German squadron bar the light cruiser {{DE-Dresden}} was destroyed by the rest of the British squadron. {{TabApptsRow|Preceded by<br>'''[[Charles Martin-de-Bartolomé|Charles Bartolomé]]'''|'''[[First Sea Lord|Naval Assistant to t
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  • ...command of the [[Second Battle Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Second Battle Cruiser Squadron]] in the [[Grand Fleet]], where he remained till the conclusion of He was appointed to the new cruiser {{UK-Niobe}} as Navigating Officer on 6 December, 1898.<ref>{{TNA|ADM 196/4
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  • ...6, in which he led most of his [[First Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|First Cruiser Squadron]] to destruction against the German [[High Sea Fleet]]. Arbuthnot On 2 March, 1911 he was appointed a Naval Aide-de-Camp to King George V, in place of [[Bernard Currey]], promoted to flag ran
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  • ...ce, being chosen by the Governor-General of the Red Sea to act as his Aide-de-Camp. ...Rear-Admiral Commanding the [[Fourth Cruiser Squadron (Royal Navy)|Fourth Cruiser, or Training Squadron]] in succession to Rear-Admiral [[Edward Eden Bradfor
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  • ...e of the Falkland Islands]] in 1914, where his squadron destroyed a German cruiser force in South American waters, thus avenging the British defeat at [[Battl ...the {{UK-Bulwark}} as Chief of the Staff to Vice-Admiral [[Charles William de la Poer Beresford, First Baron Beresford|Lord Charles Beresford]], Commande
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  • ...tecting German interests there during the Mexican Revolution. The third, {{DE-1Nurnberg|f=p}}, was on her way to relieve ''Leipzig''. At its Chinese bases, the Royal Navy had two armoured cruisers, two light cruisers, eight destroyers and three submarines. The pr
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