S.M.S. Hagen (1893)

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S.M.S. Hagen (1893)
Builder: Kaiserliche Werft Kiel
Launched: 1893

Construction and Service

Hagen had Krupp steel armour, whereas the other five units in her class had the older compound armour.

She was extensively reconstructed in Danzig in 1898-1900, being lengthened seven metres (to 86.13m), increasing her displacement from 3,500 to 4,247 tons. Moreover, she gained a second funnel and had her boilers replaced by a new outfit of eight Thornycroft boilers.

Her secondary battery was increased from eight to ten 8.8cm guns, and her four 35cm torpedo tubes were replaced with three 45cm tubes.

In the Great War, Hagen and her sisters served in the VI Battle Squadron, which was tasked with coastal defense, along with her sister ships. The Squadron was demobilised on 31 August, 1915 and the crews were sent to other units of the fleet.


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