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The Ryder Memorial Prize founded in memory of the late Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Alfred Phlllipps Ryder, K.C.B., who died on the 30th April, 1888 was a prize of books awarded to the Sub-Lieutenant who placed highest in the examination in French at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

The Navy List describes the Prize as follows:[1]

The Ryder Memorial Fund consists of a sum of about 160 pounds invested in Government securities.

The dividend arising from this sum is employed annually in the provision of a prize of a book or books, to be awarded to the Lieutenant who takes the first place in French at the annual examinations in foreign languages, a colloquial knowledge of the language being necessary to render a candidate eligible for the award of the prize.

The Ryder Prize may be withheld in any year it is considered advisable.


The recipients are denoted in Navy Lists by a [R] appearing after their name in the Navy List's seniority list. The year of the award is often found on their Service Record.

Year Recipient Notes
1890 Horace L. A. Hood
1893 Wilfred Henderson
1894 Charles D. Carpendale
1896 Herbert N. Garnett
1898 Barry E. Domvile
1898 Geoffrey B. Spicer-Simson
1899 Cecil V. Usborne
1901 George T. C. P. Swabey
1902 Vivian R. Brandon
1903 Alexander H. Gye
1906 Hobart W. T. R. Seymour
1908 William O. Hozier
1910 Donald J. S. Oswald
1911 Arthur H. L. Terry
1914 Alexander G. Murray
1916 Roland Leeds
c. 1918 Geoffrey E. L. Veale
c. 1918 Malcolm G. Saunders
YEAR Arthur R. Halfhide
YEAR Neville F. Usborne
YEAR Bryan G. Scurfield
YEAR Geoffrey D. St. Q. Marescaux
YEAR John Dreyer Shaw-Hamilton
YEAR Dermot Grove-White
YEAR John G. Hunt
YEAR Richard I. A. Sarell
YEAR William F. R. Segrave
1931? Robert G. Norfolk
1932? Edward K. U. Clark
1933? Robin C. B. Buckley
1934? George G. A. F. Butler
1935? George E. P. Milburn
1936? Robert Scott
1937? Gerald W. L. A. Bayly
1938? Hugh Wake
1939? Ralph A. St. C. Sproul-Bolton

See Also

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