Royal Navy Captains, 1880-1884

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Officers Promoted to the Rank of Captain in the Royal Navy
Royal Navy Captains, 1880-1884
Royal Navy Captains, 1885-1889
Royal Navy Captains, 1890-1894
Royal Navy Captains, 1895-1899
Royal Navy Captains, 1900-1904
Royal Navy Captains, 1905-1909
Royal Navy Captains, 1910-1914
Royal Navy Captains of the Great War
Name Born Died Date of Promotion Age on Promotion Retired
Officers promoted to the rank of Captain in 1880
Henry Harvey Boys 25 October, 1839 23 April, 1914 29 January 25 October, 1894
Henry Salmond 29 January
William James Lloyd Wharton 29 January
John Fellowes 29 January
Charles Cooper Penrose FitzGerald 19 March
Arthur Knyvet Wilson 20 April
Leicester Chantrey Keppel 23 June
Hector Brabazon Stewart 23 June
Martin Julius Dunlop 23 June
Archibald Lucius Douglas 19 July
William Home Chisholme St. Clair 31 July
John Borlase Warren 31 December
Henry Compton Aitchison 31 December
Officers promoted to the rank of Captain in 1881
Richard Frederick Britten 3 January
Atwell Peregrine MacLeod Lake 3 January
Gerard Henry Uctred Noel 11 January
THE HONOURABLE Henry Holmes A'Court 9 March
Seymour Henry Pelham Dacres 9 March
John William Brackenbury 8 April
Adolphus Augustus Frederic Fitz-George 14 October
Arthur Cecil Henry Paget 14 October
Thomas Sturges Jackson 14 October
William Hargreaves Mitchell Molyneux 14 October
John Edward Stokes 31 December
THE HONOURABLE Edward Stanley Dawson 31 December
Frederick Wilbraham Egerton 31 December
Richard Horace Hamond 31 December
Arthur Dalrymple Fanshawe 31 December
Officers promoted to the rank of Captain in 1882
Sir William Wiseman, Bart. 30 June
Capel Wodehouse 30 June
John Ingles 30 June
John Hext 30 June
Day Hort Bosanquet 30 June
Lewis Anthony Beaumont 30 June
George Weightman Hand 11 July, 1882
Charles John Balfour 11 July, 1882
The Right Hon. Lord Charles Beresford 11 July, 1882
Albert Baldwin Jenkings 11 July, 1882
Alan Brodrick Thomas 24 February, 1844 17 August, 1894 11 July, 1882
Mather Byles 18 November
Herbert Holden Edwards 18 November
Henry Coey Kane 18 November
Frederick Ross Boardman 31 December
William Henry Hall 31 December
Officers promoted to the rank of Captain in 1883
The Honourable Thomas Seymour Brand 8 March
Richard Evans 29 June
Edmund George Bourke 29 June
James Andrew Thomas Bruce 29 June
Henry Rose 29 June
Pelham Aldrich 29 June
Charles Johnstone 21 November
John Coke Burnell 31 December
Officers promoted to the rank of Captain in 1884
Swinton Colthurst Holland 9 April
Ernest Neville Rolfe 20 May
Arthur William Moore 27 June
Wollaston Comyns Karslake 30 June
Bouverie Francis Clark 30 June
William Metcalfe Lang 30 June
Basil Edward Cochrane 31 December
John Eliot Pringle 31 December
Walter Bogue Bridges 31 December
Thomas Peere Williams Nesham 31 December
Alexander George McKechnie 31 December
George Thomas Henry Boyes 31 December
Robert Frederick Hammick 31 December
Andrew Kennedy Bickford 31 December