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Admiral SIR Robert Hastings Harris, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., Royal Navy (12 October, 1843 – 25 August, 1926) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Harris passed first out of nine successful candidates for Naval Cadetships at the monthly examinations which concluded on 9 January, 1856.[1] He was appointed to the two-decker Cumberland, 74, on 10 January.[2]

Harris was promoted to the rank of Captain with seniority of 9 December, 1879.[3]

Harris submitted a lengthy essay to the Royal United Service Institution's competition of 1885 on an assigned topic to explore the impact of the introduction on the ram, mine and torpedo on various aspects of naval training and operations. His work was commended and considered worthy of printing, but was deemed too long to be considered for the Gold Medal.[4]

Flag Rank

Harris was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral on 1 January, 1895.[5]

On 19 February, 1901, Harris was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral, vice Andoe.[6] On 6 November, 1900, for his services in South Africa, he was appointed an Ordinary Member of the Second Class, or Knight Commander, in the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (K.C.B.).[7]

He served as one of the three umpires for the 1901 naval manœuvres.[8]

Harris was appointed President of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich on 6 August, 1903 in succession to Admiral Sir Robert H. M. Molyneux.[9] On 1 September, 1904, he was promoted to the rank of Admiral, vice Stephenson.[10]

In accordance with the provisions of the Order in Council of 22 February, 1870, Harris was placed on the Retired List on 12 October, 1908.[11]

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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
John F. G. Grant
Captain of H.M.S. Malabar
27 Nov, 1883[12]
Succeeded by
Arthur C. H. Paget
Preceded by
Hugo L. Pearson
Captain of H.M.S. Audacious
31 Oct, 1885[13] – 25 Jan, 1888
Succeeded by
John B. Warren
Preceded by
Hugo L. Pearson
Captain of H.M.S. Collingwood
18 Jul, 1889[14] – 1889
Succeeded by
Charles C. P. FitzGerald
Preceded by
Hilary G. Andoe
Captain of Training Ship H.M.S. Impregnable
18 Sep, 1889[15]
Succeeded by
Sir William Wiseman, Bart.
Preceded by
Inspecting Captain of Boys' Training Ships
18 Sep, 1889[16]
Succeeded by
Day H. Bosanquet
Preceded by
Lewis Anthony Beaumont
Captain of H.M.S. Active
1 Jun, 1893[17]
Succeeded by
George L. Atkinson
Preceded by
Lewis A. Beaumont
Commodore Second Class in Command of the Training Squadron
1 Jun, 1893[18]
Succeeded by
George L. Atkinson
as Rear-Admiral Commanding the Training Squadron
Preceded by
Compton E. Domvile
Second-in-Command, Mediterranean Station
10 Mar, 1896[19]
Succeeded by
Gerard H. U. Noel
Preceded by
Sir Harry H. Rawson
Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope Station and West Africa Station
27 Apr, 1898[20]
Succeeded by
Sir Arthur W. Moore
Preceded by
Sir Robert H. M. Molyneux
President of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich
1 Oct, 1903[21]
Succeeded by
Sir Arthur D. Fanshawe


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