Richard Wainwright

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Rear Admiral Richard Wainwright (17 December, 1849 – 6 March, 1926) served in the United States Navy.

The son of Commander Richard Wainwright, who had served in the American Civil War.

Life & Career

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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Frederic Singer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Apr, 1896
Succeeded by
Richardson Clover
Preceded by
New Command
Captain of U.S.S. Gloucester
16 May, 1898
Succeeded by
Frank E. Beatty
Preceded by
Frederick V. McNair
Superintendent of the Naval Academy
15 Mar, 1900 – 6 Nov, 1902
Succeeded by
Willard H. Brownson
Preceded by
Bowman H. McCalla
Captain of U.S.S. Newark
3 Nov, 1902[1]
Succeeded by
Charles H. Harlow
Preceded by
Albert R. Couden
Captain of U.S.S. Louisiana
3 Jul, 1907[2] – 15 May, 1908[Inference]
Succeeded by
Kossuth Niles
Preceded by
Aide for Naval Operations
3 Dec, 1909[3]
Succeeded by
Charles E. Vreeland


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