Orders in Council of 12 July, 1887

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The Orders in Council of 12 July, 1887, were pieces of legislation which affected the numbers of officers in the Royal Navy.

Promotion to Commander's Rank

List Increased.

WHEREAS We have had under consideration the increasing slowness of promotion from the rank of Lieutenant to that of Commander, which is, in our opinion, detrimental to your Majesty's Service;

We would recommend that We be empowered to make annually thirty advancements of Lieutenants to the rank of Commander, notwithstanding that the vacancies on the Commanders' List may be less than that number, until the list of Commanders is raised from 225, its present temporary limit under the provisions of Your Majesty's Order in Council of 5th August, 1875, to 270, and that this number be afterwards maintained : such thirty annual promotions to be made at such dates within the Year as we may consider advisable. These arrangements to be applicable to the present year.

The Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury have signified their concurrence in this proposal.