Order in Council of 29 November, 1879

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The Order in Council of 29 November, 1879, was a piece of legislation affecting the retirement and promotion of officers of the Royal Navy.

Order in Council

WHEREAS we have had under our consideration the effect of Your Majesty's Orders in Council of 22nd February, 1870, and 5 February, 1872, both as regards the limitation of the number of Lieutenants in Your Majesty's Fleet and the restrictions for the promotion of Officers to that rank, and whereas the Navigating Class of Your Majesty's Fleet is being rapidly reduced on account of the special entries for that class having been for some time past discontinued.

We are of opinion that it is necessary:—

1. to increase the number of Lieutenants for executive duties.

2. to supplement in addtion, but gradually, the List of Lieutenants as Substitutes for the Navigating Officers, and

3. to make better provision for the promotion of Sub-Lieutenants.

We do most humbly submit that Your Majesty will be pleased to sanction:—

1. That the number of Lieutenants for Executive duties shall be 800.

2. That we be authorised to increase that number of Lieutenants gradually to 1,000 in proportion as the numbers on the Lists of Staff Commanders and Navigating Lieutenants fall below the number fixed by Order in Council of 1870, viz. 250, so that eventually the List of Lieutenants shall be 800 for Executive duties and 200 for Navigating duties.

3. That we be empowered to promote 75 Sub-Lieutenants during the present year without reference to the number on the Lieutenants' List; and in each successive year a number that shall not exceed the number that has been added to the List of Sub-Lieutenants in the previous year.

4. That we be authorized to continue the retirement of Lieutenants on the terms sanctioned in para. 24, Chapter X, of the Order in Council of 22nd February, 1870.

The Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury have concurred in these proposals, and We do most humbly submit that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased to sanction the same being carried into effect.