Order in Council of 22 October, 1859

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Service and Qualifications of Naval Cadets for the Rating of Midshipmen, and of Midshipmen for Examination as Lieutenants

YOUR Majesty, by your Order in Council of the 20th March, 1859, was graciously pleased to authorize us to reduce the period which a Naval Cadet was required to serve at sea to qualify him for the rating of Midshipman to one year and six months, and whereas, having had the subject under our further consideration we humbly recommend to Your Majesty that in future cases of gentlemen being admitted into Your Majesty's Service as Naval Cadets, the time which they shall be required to serve in that capacity be left indefinite, and that there be no obligation for them to have completed the age of fourteen years as at present required, but that to qualify them for appointments as Midshipmen, it is expedient that they shall have completed twelve months' instruction on board a Harbour Training Ship; and not less than three months' service in a sea-going Training Ship; and further, that to qualify Midshipmen for a Lieutenant's Commission they must have completed five years and six months' actual service in Your Majesty's Navy, including the time awarded them on leaving the Training Ship, provided always that the candidate shall have passed such examinations as we may from time to time direct, and that he shall have attained the full age of nineteen years; and we would therefore humbly submit that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased to approve of these propositions, and to authorize us to carry the same into execution at such time as shall be hereafter decided by this Board.