Order in Council of 20 November, 1861

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Advancement of Naval Cadets to the Rating of Midshipmen

WHEREAS by Your Majesty's Order in Council of the 22nd of October, 1859, it is provided that to qualify Naval Cadets for the rating of Midshipmen they must have completed twelve months' instruction, on board a Harbour Training Ship, and not less than three months' service in a sea-going Training Ship; and whereas, having had this subject under our further consideration, we would humbly recommend to Your Majesty that such three months service in a sea-going Training Ship be dispensed with, and that we be empowered to confer on Naval Cadets the rating of Midshipmen after such service or instruction as we may consider fit and proper, provided always that they shall have completed the required twelve months' instruction on board a Harbour Training Ship. We would, moreover, recommend to Your Majesty that the course of instruction on board the Training Ship be allowed to reckon as sea-time in such proportion as we may deem expedient; and further, that to qualify a Midshipman to receive a Lieutenant's Commission, he must have completed five years and six months actual service in Your Majesty's Navy, including the time that may be awarded him on leaving the Training Ship, provided always that the Candidate shall have passed such examinations as we may from time to time direct, and that he shall have attained the full age of nineteen years. And we would therefore humbly submit that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased to sanction these our suggestions, and authorize us to carry the same into effect at such time as we may hereafter decide upon.