Order in Council of 11 June, 1863

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Naval Cadets of the Second Class Established

WHEREAS we have had under our consideration the present system of the entry of young gentlemen as Masters' Assistants in Your Majesty's Navy, and of their subsequent training and examination for the higher ranks; and whereas we are of opinion that it would be for the benefit of Your Majesty's Service that the following regulations should be established, namely:—

1. That young gentlemen on first entering this branch of Your Majesty's Service shall be denominated Naval Cadets of the Second Class.

2. That no person shall be nominated to a Cadetship of the Second Class who shall be under thirteen or above fifteen years of age at the date of his first examination.

3. That every Candidate who may obtain a nomination shall pass such examination as shall from time to time be established.

4. That every Naval Cadet of the Second Class after passing such examination shall be received on board a Training Ship or in a College for purpose of instruction.

5. That Naval Cadets of the Second Class after undergoing the course of instruction in such Training Ship or College, and passing the necessary examination, shall be discharged to sea-going ships as Masters' Assistants.

We do therefore most humbly submit that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased to establish the foregoing regulations.