Officer of Quarters Range-Keeping Instrument

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In April, 1913, the Royal Navy ordered a number of Officer of Quarters' Range-Keeping Instruments (Pattern 2657) for a number of vessels.

We have yet to discover any description on this instrument.


By August, six of these were to go to each of Argyll, Devonshire, Roxburgh, Hampshire, Antrim, and Carnarvon, and two each to Hyacinth, Highflyer and Hermes.[1]

In December 1913, it was decided that 68 further devices slated to be given to armoured and light cruisers were to be re-appropriated to capital ships as a temporary measure for local control purposes, pending the results of trials of the Dreyer Turret Control Table soon to take place in Queen Mary. It was anticipated that the instruments would then be sent to the originally intended ships. The shuffle was to go as follows.[2]

Ships to be denied Instruments in late 1913
Number Surrendered Ships
6 each (60 in all)
2 each (8 in all)
Ships given Re-Appropriated Instruments in late 1913[3]
Number Supplied Ships
4 each (16 in all)
2 each (50 in all)
1 each (2 in all)

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