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Five Octopus class submarines[1] were completed for the U.S. Navy in 1909 and 1910. On 17 November, 1911, they would be redesignated the "C" class and given names C-1 through C-5, not to be confused with the submarines of Britain's "C" class.

Overview of 5 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Octopus Fore River Shipbuilding Company 4 Oct, 1906 30 Jun, 1908 Sold 13 Apr, 1920
Stingray Fore River Shipbuilding Company 8 Apr, 1909 23 Nov, 1909 Sold 13 Apr, 1920
Tarpon Fore River Shipbuilding Company 8 Apr, 1909 23 Nov, 1909 Sold 12 Apr, 1920
Bonita Fore River Shipbuilding Company 17 Jun, 1909 23 Nov, 1909 Sold 13 Apr, 1920
Snapper Fore River Shipbuilding Company 16 Jun, 1909 2 Feb, 1910 Sold 13 Apr, 1920

Design and Construction



In 1916, all five "C" class boats were stationed in the Panama Canal Zone, their crews living aboard U.S.S. Severn, assisted by the tug Potomac.[2]


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  1. It is uncertain if they were ever called such.
  2. Estimates Submitted to the Secretary of the Navy, Volume II, 1916. p. 1553.


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Octopus Class Submarine
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