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Lieutenant Norman Boyd Fleming Peploe, D.S.C., R.N. (6 April, 1892 – c. 5 February, 1922) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

His older brother, Charles Reid Peploe also served in the navy.

Life & Career

Peploe was the son of Major J. R. Peploe of the Highland Light Infantry.

Peploe was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 September, 1914. Peploe was reportedly present at the Battle of Jutland in the "M" Class destroyer Pelican,[1] though his service record would have him in Nepean at this time, having been appointed to her on 5 March, 1916.

Peploe was appointed in command of the destroyer Druid on 1 March, 1918.[2]


On 1 June 1920, Peploe was appointed Assistant Royal Navy Naval Attaché at Rome. He drowned at Rapallo, near Genoa, on or about 5 February, 1922 as he was travelling back from a visit to his father in France. The Naval Attaché, Neston William Diggle went to the place where Peploe's service coat and field glasses had been found in a boat. It was surmised that Peploe, a fan of ornithology, had stood up to observe some birds, and had fallen and hit his head. His body was apparently never found.

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Brian C. Gourley
Captain of H.M.S. P20
29 May, 1917[3] – 1 Mar, 1918
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Frederick H. G. Dalrymple-Hamilton
Captain of H.M.S. Druid
1 Mar, 1918[4] – Jul, 1919
Succeeded by
Eric H. Ward
Preceded by
Assistant Royal Navy Naval Attaché at Rome
1 Jun, 1920[5] – 5 Feb, 1922
Succeeded by


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