Nipsic Class Gunboat (1863)

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Five Nipsic class gunboats built for the U.S. Navy during the Civil War survived into the 1880s, although only one remained in service for any length of time afterwards.

Overview of five vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Commissioned Fate
Yantic Philadelphia NYd Late 1862 19 Mar, 1864 12 Aug, 1864 Foundered 22 Oct, 1929
Saco Boston NYd Late 1862 28 Aug, 1863 11 Jul, 1864 Sold 20 Nov, 1883
Nyack New York NYd Late 1862 6 Oct, 1863 28 Sep, 1864 Sold 30 Nov, 1883
Template:US-1Shawmut Portsmouth NYd 2 Feb, 1863 17 Jun, 1863 1 Nov, 1864 Sold 27 Sep, 1883
Kansas Philadelphia NYd Mid-1863 29 Sep, 1863 21 Dec, 1863 Sold 27 Sep, 1883

Design & Construction

Designed with the experience of the 90-day gunboats of the Unadilla class in mind. John Lenthall designed the hull with an eye towards achieving an increase in speed over the Unadillas, something judged necessary for blockade operations. Kansas's engines were English-built, taken from the captured blockade runner Princess Royal.[1]


They proved well-built and durable in service, with Yantic surviving as a training ship into the 1920s.



As Designed

  • one 10-inch Parrott muzzle-loading rifle
  • two howitzers

As Completed

  • Varied. See individual articles.

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