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Navy and Army Illustrated was an illustrated periodical published fortnightly between 1895 and 1903 before being amalgamated into the periodical, The King, to become The King and His Navy & Army with periodicals under these two titles being published between 1900 and 1905. After the change of title the naval and military-related content almost entirely disappeared.

Navy and Army Illustrated would be briefly relaunched in 1906 and again in 1914-1915. The described itself as A Magazine Descriptive and Illustrative of Everyday Life in the Defensive Services of the British Empire. The first series, published between 1895 and 1903, were edited by Commander Charles N. Robinson.

With the first issue published on 20 December 1895 for the price of sixpence The Army & Navy Illustrated was produced with the intention to promote a national and patriotic purpose [and also to] ... assist in popularizing the sea and land services.[1].

Some articles in the Dreadnought Project are illustrated with images from Navy and Army Illustrated.

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