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The Malta Flotilla was a formation of destroyers of the Royal Navy.


The flotilla spawned from the Fifth Destroyer Flotilla sometime between January 1916 when some Acorn class destroyers arriving from Second Destroyer Flotilla were made tenders to Egmont and May 1917, when the evolved Egmont group was explicitly dubbed the "Malta Flotilla". While this makes its genesis somewhat murky, we will consider May, 1917 as the "birthdate".

May, 1917

A force of Acorns tender to Egmont in the Fifth Destroyer Flotilla which has grown in fits and starts to number eight over the previous 16 months are dubbed the "Malta Flotilla" for the first time.[1]

Operating from Malta
Destroyers, tenders to Egmont
Acorn Minstrel Rifleman Sheldrake
Cameleon Larne Nemesis Nereide

March, 1918

The destroyers of the Malta Flotilla are now rolled back into the Fifth Destroyer Flotilla, tendered to Egmont, ending the flotilla in name.[2]

Captains (D)

Dates of appointment given:


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