List of Entries by Term to H.M.S. Britannia (Cadet Training Ship)

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Entries by Term to H.M.S. Britannia
Name Entered Britannia
Vice-Admiral John Edric Blaxland January, 1861
Admiral SIR George Lambart Atkinson-Willes March, 1861
Admiral Charles James Barlow March, 1862
Rear-Admiral Alvin Coote Corry September, 1862
Admiral of the Fleet SIR William Henry May June, 1863
Admiral SIR George Neville June, 1863
Admiral Charles Ramsay Arbuthnot September, 1863
Captain Charles Glover William Aylen September, 1863
Vice-Admiral SIR Henry Deacon Barry September, 1863
Admiral SIR Assheton Gore Curzon-Howe January, 1864
Admiral Charles Henry Adair September, 1864
Admiral John Edward Bearcroft September, 1864
Admiral of the Fleet SIR George Astley Callaghan January, 1866
Vice-Admiral William Rooke Creswell January, 1866
Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming August, 1866
Admiral William Blake Fisher, Retired September, 1866
Admiral SIR Frederic Edward Errington Brock September, 1868
Admiral of the Fleet SIR Henry Bradwardine Jackson December, 1868
Admiral SIR Arthur Mostyn Field January, 1869
Admiral The Hon. SIR Alexander Edward Bethell August, 1869
Admiral SIR Paul Warner Bush August, 1869
Rear-Admiral Arthur William Carter January, 1870
Admiral SIR Lewis Bayly July, 1870
Admiral SIR Sackville Hamilton Carden July, 1870
Lieutenant Philip Evan Fisher January, 1871
Admiral of the Fleet SIR Cecil Burney, First Baronet July, 1871
Admiral SIR Edward Eden Bradford January, 1872
Admiral SIR Charles John Briggs January, 1872
Admiral of the Fleet John Rushworth Jellicoe, First Earl Jellicoe July, 1872
Admiral Charles Eustace Anson July, 1872
Rear-Admiral Thomas Benjamin Stratton Adair July, 1874
Admiral SIR Stanley Cecil James Colville July, 1874
Admiral Reginald Arthur Allenby January, 1875
Admiral Robert Hamilton Anstruther January, 1875
Admiral Ernest Gillbe Barton January, 1875
Rear-Admiral SIR Christopher George Francis Maurice Cradock January, 1875
Midshipman Allen Francis Gardiner January, 1875
Captain Walter Carey July, 1875
Admiral of the Fleet SIR John Michael de Robeck, First Baronet July, 1875
Admiral of the Fleet SIR Charles Edward Madden, First Baronet July, 1875
Admiral William Henry Baker-Baker January, 1876
Lieutenant Harry Stuart Bolero July, 1876
Admiral SIR Montague Edward Browning July, 1876
Admiral Arthur Henry Christian July, 1876
Admiral of the Fleet The Honourable SIR Somerset Arthur Gough-Calthorpe July, 1876
Admiral SIR Reginald Hugh Spencer Bacon January, 1877
Rear-Admiral SIR Robert Keith Arbuthnot, Fourth Baronet July, 1877
Admiral SIR William Lowther Grant July, 1877
Admiral SIR Mark Edward Frederic Kerr July, 1877
Admiral SIR Cecil Foley Lambert July, 1877
Admiral of the Fleet Rosslyn Erskine Wemyss, First Baron Wester Wemyss July, 1877
Admiral Henry Hervey Campbell July, 1878
Admiral Edward Francis Bruen January, 1880
Rear-Admiral SIR Douglas Egremont Robert Brownrigg January, 1881
Vice-Admiral SIR Michael Culme-Seymour, Fourth Baronet January, 1881
Admiral SIR Arthur Cavenagh Leveson January, 1881
Admiral Vivian Henry Gerald Bernard January, 1882
Admiral of the Fleet SIR Osmond de Beauvoir Brock January, 1882
Admiral SIR Rudolf Walter Bentinck July, 1882
Captain Arthur Lindesay Cay July, 1882
Admiral SIR Reginald Yorke Tyrwhitt, First Baronet July, 1883
Admiral The Hon. SIR Hubert George Brand July, 1883
Admiral SIR Richard Webb July, 1883
Admiral of the Fleet David Beatty, First Earl Beatty January, 1884
Admiral SIR Walter Henry Cowan, First Baronet January, 1884
Admiral of the Fleet SIR John Donald Kelly January, 1884
Captain Edward Stafford Houseman January, 1884
Admiral of the Fleet SIR Frederick Laurence Field July, 1884
Admiral SIR Charles Martin-de-Bartolomé January, 1885
Admiral Arthur William Craig Waller January, 1885
Captain Eric Charrington July, 1885
Admiral of the Fleet Roger John Brownlow Keyes, First Baron Keyes July, 1885
Admiral SIR David Murray Anderson January, 1887
Admiral of the Fleet William Henry Dudley Boyle, Twelfth Earl of Cork and Orrery January, 1887
Admiral SIR Henry Tritton Buller January, 1887
Vice-Admiral SIR Charles Douglas Carpendale January, 1887
Vice-Admiral Bernard St. George Collard July, 1890
Admiral SIR Frederic Charles Dreyer July, 1891
Admiral of the Fleet SIR Roger Roland Charles Backhouse July, 1892
Vice-Admiral Edward Astley Astley-Rushton July, 1893
Admiral of the Fleet SIR Charles Morton Forbes July, 1894
Admiral SIR Sidney Robert Bailey September, 1896
Rear-Admiral Frank Elliott May, 1900