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Commander (retired) John Sinclair Morrell, R.N. (11 November, 1883 – 15 August, 1956) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Born in Winterbrook, Cholmoy the son of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Morrell. Morrell underwent examinations for several days commencing on 20 July, 1897 and gained entrance to the Britannia term of August, 1897, his 1151 marks placing him fifty-first in merit among the sixty-three candidates accepted as naval cadets.[1]

Morrell was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 30 June, 1905.

Morrell was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 30 June, 1913.


Morrell was appointed in command of the gunboat Cricket on 22 December, 1919.[2]

Morrell was promoted to the rank of Commander on 12 December, 1926.

World War II

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