John Gerald Barrow

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Sub-Lieutenant John Gerald Barrow, R.N. (4 March, 1894 – 18 October, 1914) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

The son of a man who lived in Calcutta. Barrow's evaluations are uniformly dismal: "rather slow", "could do better", "average midshipman", "below avg", "dull in practical work." He would only live to age 20.

Barrow served first in Bellerophon from September 1911 to April, 1914, being granted the acting rank of Sub-Lieutenant on 15 January, 1914.

Barrow next served in Lurcher for the Test Mobilisation before being appointed to Undaunted for service in submarines. On 14 September he was appointed to E 3.

Barrow was promoted to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant on 15 October, 1914 but died when E 3 was sunk by U 27 on 18 October, 1914.

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