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Commander John Flavel Hubbard, (2 July, 1867 – 10 January, 1914) served in the United States Navy.

Life & Career

Born in New York state as the eldest son of three-term Senator John Flavel Hubbard, of New York, the Hubbard family was an important one in central New York society.[1]

Hubbard was appointed to the Navy on 19 May, 1884.[2]

Graduating from the Naval Academy in 1888 and receiving a commission as an ensign in 1890. in 1893, Hubbard married Emma Benham MacGregor, the niece of Admiral Andrew Ellicot Kennedy Benham.[1]

Hubbard saw service in the monitor Terror during the Spanish American War.[1] He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 3 March, 1899.[3]

Hubbard was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander on 1 July, 1905.[4]

Hubbard was promoted to the rank of Commander on 23 October, 1909.[5]

He took command of the Wilmington for service in the Far East in April of 1912 and was expected to return to New York in October, 1914, but died in Hong Kong in January 1914, aged 47. At his funeral in April, Hubbard's "pall-bearers, all classmates at Annapolis, were Commanders Casey B. Morgan, Fred B. Bassett, Lloyd H. Chandler, Henry A. Wiley and S. S. Robison, and Lieutenant-Colonel Eli K. Cole, U.S.M.C., with Commander James H. Reid in charge of the escort."[1]

Hubbard is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.[6]

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Webster A. Edgar
Captain of U.S.S. Wilmington
24 Apr, 1912[7] – after 1 Jan, 1913[8]
Succeeded by
Henry H. Hough


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