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Lieutenant-Commander R.N.R. John Burn, R.D. (11 May, 1873 – 18 May, 1920) served in the Royal Naval Reserve. He seems to have suffered from ill health during the Great War.

Life & Career

Burn was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant R.N.R. on 27 June, 1905.

Burn was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander R.N.R. on 27 June, 1913.

In mid August, 1917, he was invalided from the Aegean, suffering from neurasthenia.

Burn was granted the acting rank of Commander R.N.R. on 31 December, 1917.

On 19 August 1918, there was a Court of Enquiry regarding a matter involving clothing. Blame was attached to Burn in the affair, and further health issues followed. It was determined that he was fit only for shore service, but on 6 January 1919 he was to resume duties in West Africa. Later, he was deemed unfit for this station.

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