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The Life of Admiral of the Fleet
John Rushworth Jellicoe,
First Earl Jellicoe

5 December, 1869 – 20 November, 1935
Jellicoe, 1920.JPG
Background and Early LifeService as LieutenantCommanderCommand and ChinaDirector of Naval OrdnanceFlag Rank and ControllerSea Service and Second Sea LordCommand of the Grand FleetThe War at Sea, 1914-1916The Battle of JutlandAfter JutlandFirst Sea Lord and the Submarine MenaceControversy and DismissalEmpire TourGovernor-General of New ZealandThe Jutland ControversyRetirementDeath and Legacy

Jellicoe was promoted to the rank of Commander on 30 June, 1891,[1] and remained on duty at the Admiralty. By now he had had been engaged on staff work for five years. In 1902, before a committee on promotions, he was asked by Admiral Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, Bart., "Did you find any drawback, being yourself so long on a staff appointment?" Jellicoe replied, "Yes, I did; I made every effort, the moment I was promoted to get to sea; and if I had not got to sea as quickly as I did, I think I should have been a failure."[2]


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