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Lieutenant-Commander Ion Whitefoord Grove White, D.S.C. (29 July, 1894 – ) served in the Royal Navy. In 1928, he altered his name to Ion Whitefoord Grove-White.

Life & Career

White was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 August, 1916. This was later adjusted to 15 May, 1916.

White was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 15 May, 1924.

Appointed to the sweeping sloop Heliotrope in January, 1927.

Court Martialed on 28 October 1927 on charge of being drunk on board Heliotrope. The charge was proven and he was dismissed the ship.

Court Martialed on 5 August, 1931 on charge of returning to Greenwich from leave drunk. The charge was proven and he was reprimanded.

Placed on the Retired List on 27 April, 1932.

World War II

Grove-White offered his services. He was admitted to Royal Naval Hospital, Portland on 12 September, 1939 and diagnosed with alcoholism. He was not to be offered employment.

He again asked if he could serve in 1941, and was told there was no change in circumstances.

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