Instructions for the Director of Naval Equipment

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Instructions for the Director of Naval Equipment at the Admiralty.

September, 1912

The Director of Naval Equipment be responsible to the Board for the efficient performance of the duties assigned to his Department, and it will be his province to advise the Third Sea Lord on all naval professional questions relating to the construction of ships whose designs have been approved by the Board and to repairs and alterations and additions to completed ships, and to keep him informed of the progress of construction generally. In connection with the duties devolving upon him he will be associated with the Superintendent of Contract Work in advising on questions involving Naval considerations arising out of the building, alteration, or repair of ships.

2. He will be responsible for the supervision of the equipment and fittings of H.M. Ships building by contract or in the dockyards. He is to visit these ships as often as required, and go fully into the details of their equipment and fittings at an early stage of design, in order that all points connected therewith may be carefully considered from the point of view of seagoing and fighting efficiency and with a view to prevent any subsequent alteration and consequent expense.

3. The Director of Naval Equipment, as representing the Third Sea Lord, will constantly take stock of the condition of the ships of the Fleet. He will put forward annually a programme for additions, alterations, and repairs of ships, and for this purpose he will confer with the Director of Dockyards as to the cost and method of carrying out work in the Dockyards.

4. He will be responsible for examining, from the naval point of view, all proposals for additions or alterations to the equipment and fittings of completed ships, and all such lists and proposals are to be referred to him for this purpose by the Director of Dockyards after they have been remarked upon by the professional departments concerned. The Director of Dockyards will also refer to him any questions in connection with repairs on which naval advice is necessary.

5. Should it appear that work is being retarded for want of a decision on some point which has been referred to the Admiralty, he is to take note of the matter and bring the same to the notice of the Additional Civil Lord, or if it is an important technical question, to the notice of the Third Sea Lord also.

6. He will be empowered to confer personally with the Superintendents of Dockyards on all questions of detail affecting the equipment and fittings of H.M. Ships; taking care, however, that the heads of other professional departments are kept fully informed of all matters of which they should be cognisant and that all such proposals as require their Lordships' approval are submitted in the usual manner. The Captains Superintendent of Ships and Destroyers building by contract will belong to his Department and will be generally responsible to him.[1]


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